‘Why ladies say no to guys’

‘Why ladies say no to guys’

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Usually life is more about choices, consequent upon relationship between a man and a woman either for marriage or for friendship.

Therefore what people desire or make choices for varies from person to person. It is very important that both men and

women with desire for a life partner or friendship would first of all ensure that they too are equally desirable. In orher words be what you desire in people.

Therefore, it is pertinent to consider briefly issues for which determines a woman response to a man.

Physical disposition

The disposition of a guy that is his appearance before a woman of his choice matters. When one’s a guy appears before a woman, the initial thing

she consider is his dressing particularly with those whom are fashion crazy or conscious. That actually determines the reaction from the scene.

If your outlook is appealing, you would gain the attention but if otherwise; their immediate reactions will suggest whether they are not interested.

Invariably, those who do not take serious issues about dressing, who prefer to appear hideously all the time, should watch it.

Because the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. It does not also mean that those who do not dress well can’t find theirs.

Grammatical expression

May I remind us that communication is a pivot to an effective co-esistance. Therefore, if any guy on approaching a lady can’t express himself, as in telling the girl what he wants in a good grammatical structure, definitely such meeting will not last long.

Reason has been that no normal lady would associate with such a person. What usually comes to their mind is how would he express himself before my friends or at any occasion ?

it is important that as you desire something good, you too should work on yourself. it is not as though those who are not lettered can’t marry or be befriended but preparation is highly encouraged.


The next issue is qualification, which is detailing. It is detailed in the sense that it does not come up at the very first meeting, rather when the meeting had lasted for sometime.

It could be in months or weeks, when issues of confidence are spread out for discussion. At this point, they get to knowing each other, this does not mean that none of them could withdraw if need be.

it is at this point that both parties start asking about what they do for a living and what have you. But be informed that it varies from one person to another.

That lady ‘A’ asked for it does not imply that lady ‘B’ with would do sme. This happens based on individual priorities.


Some people can only get serious in a relationship when they discover that the background of their partner is favourable, anything less than that is not acceptable.

But some do not really mind about that, it does not count where the person comes from, so long they share some things in common and understand themselves.

However, the issue of background comes at a deeper stage of the relationship.

Conclusively, for any relationship to work, the parties involved should have certified that they both are compatible. Implying that they must have some things in common to make it work.


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