“Who Then Is The Righteous?”

Righteousness in the sense of our text  does not refer to legal righteousness nor mere moral virtues” all our righteous acts are like filthy rags (Isaiah 54:6).for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God :(Romans 3:23).our text refers to the fold of righteousness ,we call evangelical righteousness.


There are two folds to this form of righteousness.

The   righteousness of imputation:

This  is when the righteousness of Christ is made over to us. This righteousness is as truly hours to justify us as it is Christ to be bestow upon us .

The righteousness of implantation:

This is nothing else but the infusing of the seed and habit of Grace into our heart ,a planting of holiness in a a man and making him partaker of the Divine nature.

So the righteous are those who have received a right standing with God through imputation and implantation through Christ and his Sacrifice on the cross . The righteous are those who have discovered and are building their life on Christ Jesus that sure foundation. Those who have departed from every form of unholy leaving, but  have rather embrace the righteousness of God in Christ.

Those who no longer live for themselves, but through whom Christ is made manifest in their daily living .These are the righteous, those who fear the lord, and with them, It shall be well however things go.

How is it that however things go in the world yet it’ll be well with the righteous?

Because he who is righteous has his greatest evil removed, his son is pardoned, and then it must be well with him. saying is the those  in a man’s conscience. when the tongue is plugged out by forgiveness and remission, then it is well with that man.forgiveness in scripture is called a lifting off of sin.( job 7:22).

while  do you lift up not  my sin? So the Hebrew ward carried it,  it is metaphor taken from a weary man who goes under a body and is ready to sink under it and then another man comes and lift off this body.

Even so does the told great God. when the burden of seeing is ready to sink the man, God lift off this burden from the conscience and lay it on Christ shoulder  and he carries it now. He who has this burden thus carried, it is well with him  however things go for him in this world.

forgiveness and pardon of sin is a crowning blessing. it is the Jewel of a believer’s crown. Pardon of sin  is a multiplying mercy it bring a  great many Mercy along with it .who  God pardons,he adpot; who God pardons.He invest with grace and glory. This is a multiplying mercy and tit is enough to make the sick man well. 

The inhabitants shall not see, I am sick” the people shall be forgiven then equity . The sense of pardon takes away the sense of his pain.it must be well with the righteous,for sin his greatest evil, is removed .(Isaiah 33:24).

However things go, it is well with the righteous because God is his portion.pslme16:5-6:” The Lord is the portion of my inheritance.

The lines had fallen unto me in pleasant places. “In God, there are all good things to be found” and all that is in God  is engaged for the good of the righteous. His power is to help, and his wisdom is to teach, and his mercy is to save.

There can  no more compelling motivation for the God-fearing believer than the fact that God himself will be our reward .we will not be absorbed into him, but we shall be immersed in him, into his triune glory and beauty.

The rewards God has in-store are more than he could ever ask or imagine. God is righteous man’s portion and can God give a greater gift unto us than himself?

God is a rich portion, for he has unsearchable riches. God is a self-insured portion, for his name is a strong tower. He is a potion that can never be spent for he is infiniteness.

He is a potion that can never be lost for he is enternity. ” you are my portion forever”(Psalm 73:26), and surely it is well with the righteous man, who has God for his portion.

Is it not well with that man who is happy?why,if God is our portion, we are happy . Psalm 144:15″Happy is the people whose God is the Lord.” here is abundance of comfort for every godly man who listens to or we read this message .God has sent me this day, through this message with a commission to comfort you!

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Be of the church not in the church

Oh that I might drop the oil of gladness into every broken heart and rejoice every trouble spirit here present .Here is good news from heaven :say on to the righteous it shall be well with him .

But here is a question that must be answered. you will say to me , but how does it appear that it shall be well with the righteous, for will often see it is worse with them in this world ?He is deprived of his comfort many times ;He is made the very reproach of the word often times .How then, is it well with the righteous ?

To  this i answer, still it is well with the righteous . Though he meets with trouble  and one follows on the neck of another yet it is well with the righteous as will appear in this for particulars:  the troubles the righteous man meets turn to his good, and so it is well with him. That is the most famous scripture in Jeremiah 24:5″whom I have sent out of this place and to the land of the Chaldean, for their good. God’s own Israel was transported into Babylon among their enemies but it is for their good said the Lord .

The troubles of the righteous, are a means of Purge out there sin.I have read a story of one who was running at another with a sword to kill him ,and and by accident he saw it run into an abscess and broke the abscess and so killed him .

just so ,all the evils and troubles of the righteous served by to cure them of the absence of pride, and to make them more humble. when that body of a saint is affiliated, his soul revives and flourishes in Grace.

Out of the bitterest drink ,God be steals his glory and our salvation .Jeome said that the world looks on affliction as a punishment but God makes a medicine to heal the sore then it is well with the righteous.  The rod of  God upon a saint is but only God pencil whereby he drops his image more lively on the soul.

God never strikes the strings of his guitar but to make the music the sweater.  Then it is well with the righteous.

In the midst of The troubles that befalls the righteous, still it is well with them in regards to those inward heart reviving, which God gives them. we see a godly man mystery but we do not see his comfort. we see his prison gate but we do not hear the music which is within his conscience. God sweetens is people in outward trouble with inward peace. He is the father of compassion and the God of all comfort , who comforts us in all our troubles (2 Corinthians 1:3-4).

The bee can gather honey as well from the thistlo and bitter herbs as well as from the sweet flower .a child of God can gather joy out of his sorrow. out of the very carcass, sometimes ,the Lord gives honey .when the body is in pain the soul maybe  ease.

 just as when a man’s head aches yet his heart maybe well ,Thus it is  well with the righteous. God gives him that inward confort that revives and Sweeting his outward pain.

In the time of trouble and calamity yet still it is well with the righteous because God cover his people in time of trouble. He hides  them in the storms. God cares to Hide His jewel and will not let them be carried away;thus he makes good the scriptures, psalm 91:4,10,11; He will shield you with his wings .

He will shelter you with his feathers, if you made the Lord your refug,  if you make the most high your shelter, no evil will conquer you.

God oftentimes varies the scripture literally. He makes his angels to be his people’s lifeguard to hide and defend them. when a flood was coming upon the world. God provided an arke to hide Noah. when Israel was carried and transported into Babylon, God hide  Jeremiah and gave him his life for the prey, Jeremiah 39:11.

In this sense, the saint of God are called The hidden ones in psalm 83:3.  why so ?not only because they are hidden in God’s decree and Christ wounds but, oftentimes, God hides them a time of common danger and calamity .They are hidden ones He reserve  to himself 7,000 who had not bowed the knee to baal.

The prophet knew not   where there was one but God knew where there were 7,000 .In this sense it is well with the righteous in time of public misery .

But you will say ,sometimes” it first worst than all these .sometimes the righteous die and perish. They are carried away with a tempest. why?” yet still it is well with the righteous, and that in a two fold sense :

Many times God does take away the righteous by death and in great Mercy He takes them away that they shall not see the mystery that comes up on a nation.

Vigil, the heathens poets, said, they are happy that die for their country .His meaning was they die before they see the ruin of their country. Truly God many time takes away his people in Mercy that they may not see the ruin that is coming on a land .you have a scripture for this in 1st Kings 14 verse 13 “he only of jeroboam shall come to the grave in peace because in him there is found some good things towards the Lord God of Israel .

God put him in this grave early in mercy ,so that he would not see the evil coming on the land. there is a parallel to this in 2nd Kings 12 verse 21 .it is spoken in Joshua, I will gather you and to your father’s, you shall be gathered onto your grave in peace and your eyes shall not see the evil I will bring upon this place. Joash died in Battle” how then was it said he went to the grave in peace ?we must understand the meaning of it” Joash went to the grave in peace because he was a holly man and he made his peace with God because he would not see the evil approaching, God gathered him to his grave in peace.

Luther died in Mercy before the trouble in Germeny brookford .Thus,  that it is well with the righteous, though they die.

God takes them away in Mercy that they may not see evils.Though the righteous die and are taking away, it is well with them because death cannot hurt them.

Death can neither hot their bodies nor their souls and it is well with them