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Head covering in church

It’s all in the Bible! Clearly stated in 1 Corinthians 11:2-16.

(First of all, as you read this article, please bear it in mind that GLORY is the dominant ‘CURRENCY’ in the spiritual realm. Celestial beings are distinguished by the glory they have. This is one of the reasons that God does not share His glory with any man. Glory DIFFERENTIATES. In a sense, 1 Corinthians 15:40-41 illustrates this point somewhat.)

In 1 Corinthians 11:2-16, the word ‘GLORY’ appears three times:

“… a man … is the image and GLORY of God….” (verse 7)

“… the woman is the GLORY of the man.” (verse 7)

“But if a woman have long hair, it is a GLORY to her….” (verse 15)

When we simply follow the ordinance in this passage during our fellowship in Christ, what we are doing is very, very significant. We are signalling our submission to the ‘hierarchy of glory’ (headship) that God set up in His church.

Ultimately, this acknowledges and honours God’s overall authority in His church. Our action sends a clear signal to the celestial realm. This is why verse 10 states clearly that the ordinance is ‘… BECAUSE OF THE ANGELS’. Mainly, this is for them. Not for us. It is a spiritual signal. (In contrast to God’s authority that we honour through our head covering/uncovering, ANOTHER AUTHORITY will be set up in the temple of God in the end-time – 2 Thessalonians 2:4.)


According to the 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 passage, MAN is the image and glory of God (verse 7). His Head is Christ. Therefore, head covering in church simply refers to when a man uncovers HIS HEAD in church; in symbolic terms, he’s EXPOSING THE GLORY OF GOD in the church. This is why the Bible COMMANDS men NOT to cover their heads. God’s glory must radiate openly in the church.

Conversely, WOMAN is the glory of MAN (verse 7). Her head is MAN. Thus, when a woman uncovers HER HEAD in church; in symbolic terms, she’s EXPOSING THE GLORY OF MAN in the church! This is why the Bible COMMANDS women to cover their heads.

This is because the glory of man (including woman’s) ought not to COMPETE in the church with the glory of God (in Christ Jesus). Christ MUST have the pre-eminence in the church in ALL things (Colossians 1:18).



But Satan lurks quietly, hating this divine order! Seeking to overturn the divine symbolism.

A few decades ago, a movement arose slowly in the church, teaching that women no longer need to cover their heads in church as their hair is the covering! (This is a huge lie that is contradicted in the passage itself. Please study verse 6 carefully to see that Paul was speaking about ‘the hair’ AND ‘a covering’. Two different things entirely! The hair is NOT the covering.)

Obviously, this new age teaching was backed by a very strong SPIRIT OF DELUSION! For, in a single generation, it spread through the church like wildfire, overturning Head Covering as a key ordinance in the church. A practice that had existed intact in the church, more or less, for about 2,000 years – across time spans, across different cultures, across geographical boundaries. Virtually gone in a single generation!

It is not a coincidence that the rise of this ‘you-don’t-need-to-cover-your-head’ campaign grew in tandem with the rise of radical feminism in the world system. They have the same roots. And they serve the same purpose of DISTORTING what God has ordained, first for mankind in the Garden of Eden, and then for His redeemed church in Christ.


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Today, the GLORY OF MAN rules the wave in the church. Jesus is no longer TRULY honoured as Lord in His church – except during the lip-service that we call ‘praise and worship’! MAN’S words/ideas are now predominant in the church. The believers of today will follow what Pastor says, rather than what God says.

This is the AGE OF MAN – both in the world and in the church. The AGE OF SELF. The genie has been let out of the bottle, and there’s no going back. All these are unfolding according to what has been prophesied in the Scriptures. It’s all in the symbols. And the symbolism.

But, as we begin to turn our back on the word of God, there is something we have to bear in mind. We have to remember that the GLORY OF MAN is NOT the glory of man in the real sense of the word. The glory of man (like the wisdom of man) is rooted and sustained in Satan. So, when MAN thinks he’s in charge, it is actually Satan that is in charge! MAN is but a pawn in his hands. It is hypocritical for us to grumble about how Satan has heavily infiltrated the church today, when we were the ones that exalted the GLORY OF MAN in the church – with our heads!

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Well, we are where we are today in the church. We cannot wind back the clock. But what we can do, as individuals that are SOLD OUT to Christ, is to STAND APART!

Stand with the word of God. Refuse to go with the multitude. There is safety in simply OBEYING the word of God. We do not need exotic interpretations. Every single commandment/tradition given by God has DEEP SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE – even if we do not fully understand it. In any case, we do not need to fully understand God BEFORE we obey Him. We obey Him because we TRUST His wisdom and His leadership. In this respect, whose glory are you EXPOSING in the church? The GLORY OF GOD, or the GLORY OF MAN?

As an individual, dear Brother, please uncover your head while praying or prophesying in the church. You are HONOURING your Head (verse 4).

Dear Sister, please cover your head while praying or prophesying in the church. You are HONOURING your head (verse 5).

And, in our simple obedience, GOD IS GLORIFIED. The heavenly realms are able to see His manifold wisdom through the church (Ephesians 3:10).

Please reflect carefully on this article, don’t just believe it. In humility, please ASK GOD to show you the truth. And whatever He says to you, please DO.

Thanks for reading, God bless you as you seek His truth in a lying and dying world. Amen.


Joy Chinonyerem

Joy Chinonyerem is an ardent follower of Christ who believes in Living the Christian Life according to the tenets set by Christ himself. She is passionate about Walking by Faith, as commanded by the scriptures and uses her blog, Walking By Faith Blog, to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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