What Are The Dangers Or Consequences Of Anger?

What Are The Dangers or consequences Of Anger?
What Are The Dangers Or consequences Of Anger?

What are the dangers or consequences of anger is the question of many christian around the globe.Often when people talk of sin, they tend to exclude anger, perhaps because they think that it’s all fine and good to lose one’s temper once in a while. In actual fact, anger is evil. It is not only one of the commonest and easily besetting sins of our generation, it is also one of the deadliest. But virtually everybody indulges in it; everyone is angry at someone or something. This is bad.

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People who indulge in anger tend to underestimate the consequences. Anger is neither instructive nor corrective, rather it is destructive. It does not build up, rather it pulls down. It does not heal, rather it wounds. It solves nothing but succeeds in getting everything more complicated.

We must understand the way anger works. Anger, when it is not instantly destructive, is subtle. The first man to get angry in the Scripture is Cain. He was angry at God because God refused his sacrifice. He was so mad at God. Even after God spoke with him, he refused to drop his anger; he nursed this anger against God and his brother until he became a murderer. If he had his way, he could have attacked God

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When we get angry, hatred thrives, and manslaughter is at the door. Indeed anger leads to several other sins. Many times people get angry without thinking of the aftermath. If only we knew the dangers of anger, we will run from it at all cost. He who must get angry, therefore, must be prepared to face its consequences. In this article, I shall itemize ten major dangers of anger. Read along

Danger 1. Anger causes the holy spirit to withdraw from you:

The nature of the Holy Spirit is gentleness, and this nature is often represented by the picture of a dove. The dove is a gentle, quiet bird which cannot live in a tempestuous atmosphere. The life of an angry Christian is tempestuous. And when it begins to boil and rage, such a person stands the risk of losing the presence of the Holy Spirit

Danger 2: Anger makes God’s presence disappear

Apart from losing the presence of the Holy Spirit, the angry Christian also stands the risk of losing the presence of God. God’s presence, among other things, is symbolized by divine protection over one’s life. When Balaam wanted to curse the Israelites, he realized that there was divine protection over their lives. Unless the Israelites sinned, this divine protection from God cannot be removed. Anger is one of the major sins, and one of the easiest, by which a Christian can lose the presence of God

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3 It gives room for demonic attack

This is a sequel to the second danger. Every child of God has a wall of protection around him/her, and there are only two people who possess the capacity to pull down this wall. The first person is God, and the second person is the individual. God can choose to remove His fence of protection to allow the devil to afflict a Christian as He did to Job. However, a Christian can pull down God’s hedge of protection from around him/her, too, by getting angry. Whenever you get angry you’re pulling down the hedge and calling on the devil to come and harm your soul (Ecclesiastes 10:8).

4 . Devil is given a legal ground to operate

Anger gives the devil a legal ground to operate in any life. This is why Ephesians 4:27 warns: “Never give the devil a foothold”. Anger is a foothold for the devil to operate in your life.

5. Anger is contagious

Anger is contagious. Don’t ever forget that. It is a virus that can be contracted if you live or hang out with an angry man. It is a communicable disease that can jump on you straight out of another person’s mouth. Proverbs 22:24–25 warns: “Don’t make friends with people who have hot, violent tempers. You might learn their habits and not be able to change’’ (GNT).
If you’re following a pastor/disciple-maker who loses his temper easily, I think it would be better for you to quit before it is too late. The truth is that every minister of God, as he/she speaks, is emitting his/her life, consciously or unconsciously. It doesn’t matter how anointed that man could be; if you fail to leave as quickly as possible, the devil troubling that man will eventually begin to trouble you, too

6. God resist people who are angry

The reason Cain was mad at God for not accepting his offering was that he was proud. It is pride that would make someone think that he is right and God is wrong. And pride oftentimes leads to anger. Now, God resists the proud. And when God is resisting a life, such life can never make any progress, because while they are struggling to go up, God Himself will be the one pushing them down.

7. Anger hinders answers prayer

One of the plot of the enemy to hinder the delivery of your blessings after you have prayed is to successfully provoke you to anger. When you get angry, you miss out on God’s answer to your requests

8. Anger manipulate personality

An angry man does not carry a good countenance, and he cannot carry it, whether physically, or spiritually. Anger brings forth spiritual impersonation. An angry face will always represent bad things, no matter how good you real person is. People could be seeing you in their dreams as a witch, an angry masquerade or wizard

9. Hell is sure for every angry man.

The father of the spirit of an angry man is the devil. The Scripture wrote of Cain that he was of the “Wicked One” (1 John 3:12). Devil is the producer of anger. Thus, everyone who indulges in anger, who sins in anger, has their part with the devil in hell


I hope after reading this you would desist from your indulgence in anger rather than trying to defend it. Anger is not a fruit of the Spirit, rather it is a work of the flesh. It is referred to as wrath in Gal. 2:20. You should also remember that the wrath of man cannot produce the righteousness of God in any way (James 1:20). So, desist from your anger and avoid these 10 dangers.