Ways to Feel Better by Avoiding the 7 Deadly Sins


Sin is deadly because it diminishes a persons potential of living a life full of peace, joy, happiness, and usefulness. The sinner is out of step with life’s highest aim to find good; they become too focused with obsessions, therefore becoming so one track minded to the point of missing out on the finer, lasting, constructive things of life. Here are suggestions to avoid these destructive habits…

Pride. Reconsider the old saying, “what goes up, must come down”: When we feel down, we may pull others down to try to feel “right” (above them). But if we recall that we are truly equal as humans, not demanding attention — then there’s no need to shame, or to puff up with air (vanity). We can deflate our hot-air balloon, realizing the uselessness of self-centered relationships, and begin living a fuller, more productive life, feeling much better toward other persons and ourselves.

INTERACT: We won’t insist on holding the floor as if that’s more important than hearing others (thoughtfully), instead of saying, “Let me finish…” or “I wasn’t through…” Feel better: Flip that to “Hey, I’m interested in your opinion”: Pausing… casually listening to once hated interruptions (called people), smiling — then speaking again when it’s your turn, without fuming. You will see the conversation will be productive and satisfying.

ENJOY what you have, not flaunting it, humbly. Realize that you are not superior because of ownership of finer things.

RECEIVE compliments, saying, “Thank you” as if you mean it, but not as if it’s unnecessary; accept it gracefully.

GIVE a compliment on others achievements like their solid work on the job, success preparing a meal, or their good taste in art.

INCLUDE SINCERE reasons: Why you like their efforts and the results, as why you gave that compliment. That makes it sincere.

“GOOD PRIDE” is clean, pure, seeking education and betterment for sharing it — not neglectful, but providential (following Christ), not self-seeking, to shirk duty nor “con” people, not corrupt…

According to the Bible outward circumstances will not separate you from perfect love; so that while in the path of everyday life, family and other duty, be satisfied and happy in many kinds of situations, by the exercise of your faith, hope, effort to improve, FOR GOOD with prayer and ESPECIALLY actually supplying needs of God’s lesser/little ones.

A”Caring for orphans and widows in their times of trouble…” and

B “Refusing to let the world corrupt you.” (James 1:27), in their need (to assist them as well as you might) and not taking their home, means or goods… but joyously enlarging their hopes and nurturing them!

Lust. Thrown at us everyday, by turning on the TV, lust and passions are a sure way of enticing oneself with the slick, sensual commercials, and seeing all those unnecessary sexual scenes in TV movies. When we focus on that one flashy aspect of a relationship, sex, we fail to see the other fine qualities of togetherness, and we may adopt a one-track-mind. Yet, little time is actually spent on sexual activity in any ongoing relationship; so, compared to all other quality time spent together it is so quick and little.
Try focusing your attention away — when confronted with such temptations — onto doing and enjoying, appreciating all aspects of a relationship, then your mind will become stronger, and you will begin to feel an inner peace. So how to feel better by not being lustful, one has to look at the bigger picture. So don’t be the wham thank you mam or man kind of person. Go to the movies before or afterwards, and enjoy some relating time together, and some popcorn; that treat will last longer than the sex will anyway?
You have to look at all aspects of the relationship. No one wants to be used for just physical attributes alone, and those can’t last forever, but the human spirit does! When you realize this beyond the physical, you will become more well-rounded, and that will make you feel better.

Gluttony. Excess in the area of diet, including over-indulgence of desires and over-consumption of anything to the point of waste; you don’t need it, so eating too much is acting like a “disposal” unit. This is sinful because of the lustful desire for excess, and withholding extra food from the needy (selfishness – placing one’s own interests above the well-being or interests of others). So, then be thankful; share; help to feed the poor, needy widows, orphans… (Avoid huge problems: worries of overweight, general health, compulsions, excessive thinness or obesity, possible diabetes, high blood pressure, higher chance of cancer — back, hip and knee troubles, shortness of breath, lower energy and performance,…). Ways to commit gluttony, include eating “too”:
Obsessively, includes eating disorders.
Soon (often, selfishly).
Expensively (luxuriously, with exotic tastes).
Daintily (elaborately prepared, highly critical.)

Sloth. Beware of plain old laziness! If we just sit around home and not engage ourselves with others, we become deadened to the world and people; it sees less of us, and we see less of it. When we just sit around the house eating a bag of chips, watching too much television, we become lethargic and depressed and it’s hard to get going. Go to the park and take a walk, consider an exercise club, start a new project or whatever you have to do to keep busy away from your TV, and you will begin to feel more vigorous. So get up off your lazy… and do something.

Envy, coveting. We can appreciate another’s possessions, without selling ourselves short for what we have. And, admire one for certain qualities and personality that we would like to embody is one thing — but placing too much emphasis on what they have, but not reaching for improvement or learning talents makes us feel bad. Develop what you can do and be thankful for what you already have. LIST your abilities, realistic goals and possessions, and you will see that it’s a lot longer than you may expect. Don’t spend useless time over focusing on or overly possessed by what another has over you. Realize what someone has doesn’t take away from what you have; so count your blessings and not theirs.

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Anger. Such destructive emotions hurt us in the sense that it uses up our vital energy. We become frustrated by not getting our way, and for some unknown reason, we just blow up. We don’t want to let go of getting our choice; we keep confronting it. When we don’t get what we want, we become frustrated, and let go, by speaking loudly, yelling or breaking something, or worst of all, hurting our credibility, shredding someone else’s feelings by taking our aggression out on them.
Anger in itself is not such a bad sin in its nature, but the way we deal with it can be defeating our good purposes. We do not want it to hurt us or others. It was said by a doctor that we are always prone to anger, but we must find the best way possible to vent that explosive pressure.
One could get a punching bag and go to town on it, take a brisk walk, take a break from a frustrating matter and focus on something less stressful until we calm down.

In front of a group of people, when we become angered, in such a harsh way — instead of sticking around and freaking, jumping up and down, ranting or raving, and blurting out obscenities — just find an excuse to break away fast. Then come back in a few minutes to the scene with a more dignified response to the situation, and you can act and feel much better.

Greed. Share time, work and activities — give your best effort to assist others to do well, and it will make us feel better, avoiding greed. It’s nice to have things in life, but placing too much emphasis on material things, or on making impressive friends, wanting too much of anything of value to us is greed. So sharing our live and energy, experiences and dignity with others and you will feel better inside.

Pray for forgiveness. This is the most important thing to do. Don’t just go off and make yourself happy. Pray for forgiveness of your sins.


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