Consequent upon the fact that there have been series of evangelistic revivals in recent times, a glance at the present world together,

especially Africa and Nigeria in particular indicates that there is this perception that the society is fast decaying.

Reasonably, on the average, most of our megacities are locked up with churchy  para-church organisations and fellowships.

Ranging from the foundational and traditional Orthodox to the neo-Orthodox, Protestant and most noticed the various Pentecostal movements.

suffice it to say, that most rural areas and hinterlands are not spared this frenzy horse ,stores and warehouses are now turned to meeting places for all kinds of religious gatherings.

They’re inducing factor behind the fervor of evangelistic thrust of today substantially differs from the situation about 30 years ago. Then, evangelistic thrust and missions were boarding -driving and soul -winning oriented .

Fortunately, nowadays they are driven by a wide range of factors ranging from economic, political and then idiosynratic with smaller proportion to the ideal great commission which should be the primary aim and objective of the church.

As a matter of fact, a cursory  look at the world around us showcases very little real impact of this religious effusion .The greater deal of the fervor  amounts to empty pomp and pageantry.

The propensity and proximity of the average Nigeria for fraudulent practice is still scientifically and technically alarmed .

it would seem and portend  that there is a virulent endemic of our national life that assiduously Brits the tendency of fraud, bribery and corruption in our body system.

Armed robbery, religious riots ,and bigotry, militancy, assassinations and most disturbing kidnapping are not only on the increase but are acquiring new and versed
 dimensions that beat the capacity of our national security system and formation to checkmate the menance .

Advance fee fraud ( 419) has not by any means abetted but noticeable exacerbated.

Mean while,why the church keeps on blooming as she harnesses new methodological approach to captivating her members, does she take cognisance of the rate of fraud being nursed by the occupants of her pews?

if I may ask doesn’t defrosters  confide in the church? Does the church not even give enough moral and impetus for fraudulent practices?

In these days of massive scramble for membership no one dares present the new standards for fear of losing membership. visible evils are handled with kid gloves; otherwise there is the danger of losing viable members.

And of course the church is in dire need of fund to execute some projects. for that reason ,fund raising takes the centre stage and thoughts, genuine doctrinal insistence is thrown overboard .Was a pastor not quoted recently as saying to his congregation that tight paying simplifies their means of livelihood ,whatever it is?

whether he implies this or not, the impression he has worked so hard to create is that God would approve an armed robber who endeavors  to pay little tith of his loot to the church.

First of all, anyway, we must not lose sight of the overall objective of the church in the world. The question has often been asked as to whether part of the aspirations of the church is to achieve a better society for human habitation.

In other words, is one of the objectives of or aspiration of the church to sanitize the world and make it a better dwelling place for mankind?

In the era of Roman empire, and Judaism, in the first and second centuries AD at the formative stages of the church ,one of the central cardinal aims of the church was that the members were too heavenly conscious to  the be of any earthly relevance.

In other words, the Christians in particular distanced themselves from developmental and societal reform mechanisms and programs, because that was not there final home.

They were just pilgrms  here on Earth, passing and fading through on their route to glorious enternity in the heavenly bliss .one wonders if the Christians view of the cosmos has changed.

Has this fundamental Christians belif changed? Has it become part of Christian aspiration to make the world a better place of dwelling for All mankind through massive  conversion of the people to a life of righteousness ?

Of course, added to this reappraisal of The very thought of Christianity is the question as to whether the church would not immediately go out of job and hence out of meaningful relevance if everyone suddenly gets converted to a life of righteousness .

In other words, it would appear that the relevance of the church remains hinged  upon the fact that the word would never cease to be sinful since that would take the job of the church .

The Christian belief was that the church denotes ;” called out people” derived from the Latin word “ecclesia”. In this sense ,we shall include the children of Israel who were called out of Egypt and Abraham who was called out of Ur are of Chaldeans and those called out of the  world through regeneration.

But there is the more watered-down, prosaic, ordinary  application of the concept, like when the world” church “is used to refer to every assembly of worshippers or at times a building devoted to the performance of religious functions.

it is this latter bastardized conception of the term church that has created the problem we have in christiandom  today. But in  an our discourse, we are talking about” church”

from the connotative point of view and assembly of people with the consciousness of obtaining a blissful reunion with Christ or a place where humans are refined and prepared for a worthy life here and here after through the machinery of the word of God through God’s human instruments.

Owing to the foregoing, it would appear then that those who are assessing the impact of the church on the basis of the state of the world are actually accessing the church by modalities  which fall outside the aspiration of the church.

Those who access the impact of the church by the level of sinfulness of the world need to rethink the modalities of their assessment. first of all it would be difficult to visualise what the word would have been like if the church had not been there.

A comparative study of the African society and the pre-christian and post Christian eras would obviously give the kudos to the church ;what with the abolition of terrific crimes and abominable practices of the pre-christian society, notable among which where the human sacrifice.

Besides, set against the background of the fundamental  church aspiration  of preparing a people acceptable unto God for internal blaze ,the disproportionate rise in godliness in the world remains a challenge to the church, rather than an indication of her non performance.

But there is a point that must not be overlooked, there must be a synergy and proportionate synchronisation between those who have spent much time in God’s presence at all needs to so comfort themselves in secular life as to authenticate the real impact of God’s word and power in their lives, it must go pari passu .

This is perhaps the very fact that people are genuinely worried about, the fact that an increasing number of people get involved in religious activities on a regular basis, and yet the favour of the world is still substantially godless and at the same time ungodly .

it is in this regard that the obversers  focus attention on the socio-economic pressures to which people are exposed and which appeared to be cloud their ultimate perceptions of  God in whose light they are sufficiently exposed in the course of their moments worshipping in his presence .

we can now look at the situation more constructively and proactively so as to deal with the vital issues of challenges that stand between us and reshaping the appreciation of the impact of the church in our midst .

First and foremost, I wonder if the leaders of the church in our own age and dispensation think of the legacies they are leaving behind for prostaritjy in their pursuit and aspiration. Or they  content as mere humans to be appreciated and as members of the human race ,caught up in the same frenzy of human rat grace and struggle for survival?

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“Don’t fail to shine as the light of God”


We must not lose sight of this common criticism that the church business has become more like a lady verbal economic venture and for that reason, and all commerce affairs.

many of those who enroll in this hustling and bustling business ventures have neither hardly any request requisite  training for it nor indeed in any genuine discipline of life. 

Do they even require any such training? The church business is the only business just about  anybody can get involved in any how and which ever way it is done is new style of it’s own.

One wonders at the maze of this  Misnorma, if there is any way of harmonizing standard at all or inculcating any meaningful  ethics  at all ?

Virtually, no one seems to be  thinking about these issues and once in a while the unsuspecting members of the public fall prey in the hands of vipers and wolves dressed as holy anointed men of God .

we need to realise however that once we begin to think about such issues as “customer production” and harmonization of standard in the matters of the church, then we are indirectly asking for censorship and the proper control, and that would mean that the constitutional laws of freedom of worship is to be expunged or at least mitigated.

Is that indeed what we are asking for? whether  overlty or covertly the point remains that unless we think now of the standard of our operation and the real measurable outcomes of our religious activities,

we might be heading towards the situation where the powers-that would  have no option than to rise to the occasion to impose some form of censorship on religious activities and we certainly would not be the better for it .

Now, let us get to the heart of the matter. it takes maturity to reorganise the fact that in leaving today  we must be manifestly conscious of the legacies which will leave behind for posterity, for the fate of tomorrow is intricately and  extricately  dependent on the liberties of today.

we are free to choose our actions but we are not free to choose the consequences of such actions.

As we grow older in the issues of life, the tendency is to look beyond ourselves, beyond  the now, beyond the immediate gratification of our desires and motives; to look beyond the world immediately around us that  is unprecedentlly gloaming and unpalatable groaning in the maze of hopelessness,

the harmonisation and out right injustice; considering all these ,we then look and aspire  beyond our selfish goals ,  motives and aspiration and then to see the greater horizone far withdraw from and beyound  us, yet upon which our actions and inactions ultimately reverberate .

Having gone this far and considering the fore going , we look beyond ourselves and our self -oriented motives, the tendency is to think less about personal aggrandizement, gratification and indeed about what we give, and how much of ourselves we spend of the greater betterment of the world beyound us.

just then we make our greatest commitment and dedication to helping someone else make it ,both in this life and in the life to come. That is where the vision and maternity comes onto full play, the re-examination of the ethos we leave for, whether they serve  us to the detriment of others or they serve others to our own detriment.

In summation, obviously, I am not honestly against the bloomy nature of the church in this age and dispensation, but at the same we must know that the church is not devoid of the world and so there must not be a Misnorma or bloomer in the aspirations and the persuasion of the duo.