Valentine prayer for my boyfriend

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Valentine prayer for my boyfriend


As the day of love, also known as Valentine’s Day, approaches, I find myself reflecting on how lucky I am to have my boyfriend in my life. As the day celebrates love in all its forms, it is a wonderful opportunity to say a special Valentine prayer for my boyfriend, not just expressing my feelings for him, but also praying for his wellbeing and success. These prayers hold profound sentiments of love, devotion, gratitude, and most importantly, hope. They demonstrate my genuine care for him and can create an enduring connection of faith between us. Here, I have put together 23 such powerful Valentine prayers for my boyfriend that cover different facets of his life and our relationship.

1. Dear God, thank you for the gift of love you have bestowed upon us. As Valentine’s Day approaches, I pray for my boyfriend. Let your guidance and grace follow him wherever he goes.

2. Heavenly Father, this Valentine’s Day, I lift up my boyfriend to you. Grant him health, prosperity, and your unwavering protection every single day.

3. Lord, as we celebrate Valentine’s Day, I pray that you strengthen our bond, teach us patience, understanding and give us the strength to always fight for our love.

4. Almighty God, I pray this Valentine’s Day, you instill in my boyfriend, resilience in all circumstances, grant him wisdom to make right decisions and bless his endeavors.

5. Father in heaven, as I offer this Valentine prayer for my boyfriend, I pray for his dreams. I pray you lead his steps towards fulfillment and bless him with success.

6. Dear Lord, may this Valentine’s Day not only be a celebration of our love but also a celebration of your love for us. Watch over my boyfriend and fill his heart with joy.

7. This Valentine’s Day, dear Lord, I pray that you will create in my boyfriend a clean heart, renew his spirit and keep him steadfast in his faith.

8. Almighty God, on this Valentine’s Day, I ask you to bless my boyfriend with courage, not just in conquering life’s hurdles, but also in pursuing what sets his soul on fire.

9. My loving God, this Valentine’s day, may you bless my boyfriend with patience and compassion. Allow him to navigate through life’s highs and lows with grace.

10. Gracious God, this Valentine’s day, may my boyfriend’s life be filled with happiness and success. Guide him in every path he takes.

11. This Valentine’s Day, dear God, I pray for your divine protection over my boyfriend. May he find strength in your word and hope in your promises.

12. As Valentine’s Day draws closer, God, I pray for my boyfriend’s well-being. May your healing hand touch every part of his body that needs healing.

13. Oh Heavenly Father, my Valentine prayer for my boyfriend is that he grows stronger in his faith every day, discovering new facets of your boundless love.

14. Loving Father, this Valentine’s day, my prayer for my boyfriend is that he grows spiritually, personally, and professionally, all under your guidance and wisdom.

15. Dear Lord, as we express our love for each other this Valentine’s Day, let us never forget your boundless love for us. Nurture my boyfriend with this love of yours.

16. My God, my Valentine prayer for my boyfriend is that he will feel your love and peace which surpasses all understanding. Protect him, Lord, as he steps into a new day.

17. God of all, this Valentine’s Day, I pray for peace and tranquility in my boyfriend’s life. Grant him happiness, health, and success.

18. Lord Jesus, bless my boyfriend this Valentine’s Day with strength, not just physically but mentally and emotionally too. Equip him to face all trials and tribulations with confidence.

19. Loving God, my prayer for my boyfriend this Valentine’s Day is that he keeps radiating your love, inspiring everyone he meets, with you always by his side.

20. Gracious Father, this Valentine’s day, may my boyfriend never lose sight of the path that leads to you. May he remain grounded in your love and wisdom.

21. Lord of all, my prayer for my boyfriend on Valentine’s day is for his success and fulfillment of his ambitions. Guide his steps, and may he never stumble or falter.

22. Heavenly Father, this Valentine’s Day, I ask you to keep my boyfriend strong, guide him, protect him, and fill his heart with love and compassion.

23. On this day of love, dear Lord, bless my boyfriend, fortify his faith in you and let his actions reflect your teachings. Happy Valentine’s day, Lord, thank you for his life.


Each of these 23 Valentine prayers for my boyfriend, bears witness to the deep affection and care I hold for him.