Trials are gardens for lies

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Trials are gardens for lies


In this realm of existence we often term as life, the scenery frequently changes. Sometimes, we’re in open pastures basking under clear blue skies, other times, we’re trudging through dark valleys burdened by tempests and gloom. Each stage has its place and function. But there is one we frequently overlook – the place I would refer to as the trials, these ‘gardens for lies.’ These can also be interpreted as moments or seasons of great testing or challenges, periods in our lives where the truth becomes indistinguishable from lies. This message is for all the Christians in the world today, as I seek to illuminate this concept of trials being the breeding grounds for lies.


For years, I’ve grappled with the different experiences life threw at me, sometimes buckling under the strain, other times standing firm and strong. In retrospect, I now realize the value of every high and low. Amongst all of these, the most defining ones were those times of trials, the so-called gardens for lies. They appear grim and inhospitable, fostering the seeds of doubts and fears – the ‘lies’ we are told about ourselves, God, and our life circumstances. The enemy thrives on the darkness, sowing seeds of confusion, lies that lead us away from our faith.

When faced with adversity, one common lie I’ve noticed many of us grapple with is the misconception that God is distant, uncaring, and unconcerned. We might question His love and power in our lives when we’re overwhelmed with our challenges. The truth, however, is that these trials do not manifest the absence of God. On the contrary, they are testaments to our journey towards becoming stronger Christians.

Furthermore, the notion that you’re alone in your struggles, that nobody else comprehends the depth of your anguish is a blatant lie. Trials can alienate us, creating illusions of isolation, making us think that no one else in the world understands our situation. As Christians, we are all members of one body (1 Corinthians 12:12), sharing our burdens and lifting each other in times of need. So, always remember, you are never alone.

Towards the Conclusion:

Beloved Christians around the globe, let us find solace in God’s Word. When we stand on His truth, the gardens for lies are trampled underfoot, their deceptions unveiled. The trials you face will make you stronger. It is essential to draw near to God in these times, seek His wisdom, lean on His strength, and walk by faith and not by sight.


Indeed, trials are gardens for lies, yet we are not defenceless. Our faith in Christ is our shield and our sword against these lies. Therefore, fellow Christians, I urge you not to fear these trials or gardens, rather see them as platforms for growth, an opportunity to cultivate your faith, to prove the power of God’s word against the lies. Remember, Christ in us is greater than any trial we may face in this world.

P.S.: When you use your trials as platforms for growth, it will gradually change your perception, transforming those trials from gardens for lies into gardens of wisdom and strength. I hope you’ll stand strong in your faith and continue to live a life pleasing to our God.