Trials and proof of God’s care

Trials and proofs of God’s care


Life, as we all experience it, is not an even playing field. We all have unique paths and challenges, no matter where we are born or who we are. Along the way, there are times of suffering, loss, and confusion where we may feel alone and abandoned. But in these times, the promise of God’s care stands firm, unfaltering in its benevolent assertion that no one is forgotten, and all is loved. This assertion brings with it profound solace and a lifeline for countless believers worldwide.

Our trials are varied; they can be a consequence of our actions or circumstances that occur outside our control. They could manifest as pain, bereavement, despair, anxiety, or an inescapable quandary. Nonetheless, our faith tells us that each trial is an opportunity to connect deeply with God and experience His divine care. The concept of trials and proofs of God’s care draws deeply from the narratives in the Bible.

Bible Reading

The Bible offers multiple accounts illustrating God’s care during periods of trial.

Consider the life of Job, for example. Job’s story, found in the Book of Job, recounts a man blessed in every aspect of his life: a prosperous family, vast wealth, and above all, an unwavering faith in God. Job’s world came crashing down when he lost his family, wealth, and health in a short period. Even though Job wrestled with pain and uncertainty, he never abandoned his trust in God’s goodness. And eventually, God rewarded Job, not just restoring his former wealth and granting him a new family, but also blessing him with long life to enjoy his prosperity (Job 42:12-16). Job’s experience is a prime testament to the trials we encounter and God’s persistent care throughout these challenges.

Furthermore, in the New Testament, Apostle Paul shares his trials and God’s consistent care in his various epistles. In 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, Paul spoke about a ‘thorn in his flesh’ that tormented him. Despite his plea to God to take it away, God told him, My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Here, God’s care didn’t remove the ‘thorn’ but offered Paul sufficient grace to endure. In both stories, Job and Paul serve as profound biblical exemplifications of trials and the evidence of God’s care.

Understanding God’s Care Amidst Trials

Trials can create a scenario where we question God’s love or even His existence. At times, it seems God’s care is on ‘mute’ mode as trials rage around us. Yet, faith encourages us to see beyond the visible to recognize the active care of God. Just like the roots of a tree reach deeper for nourishment during a storm, trials can stretch our faith to deepen our connection with God.

In every trial, there are ‘God moments’, although they may not be as clear-cut as we would like. God moments are occurrences, often simple and sometimes extraordinary, that affirm His presence and love for us. These may include a word of encouragement when we least expect it, provisions that meet our needs precisely, inner strength to persist despite grueling circumstances, or peace that surpasses understanding.

A vital aspect of comprehending God’s care is that it may not always appear in ways we desire or anticipate. For instance, God could decide to offer comfort and peace instead of instant physical healing, strength to persevere rather than the immediate resolution of a problem, wisdom to navigate a tough situation rather than the eradication of the difficulty. Each approach by God aims at growing our faith and drawing us closer to Him.

To the Christians in the World Today

God’s care doesn’t exempt us from trials; it is the steady beacon in the midst of them. As believers in the body of Christ, you have God’s assurance that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion (Philippians 1:6). Remember the words in Hebrews 13:5, where He said, Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.

In your individual life and in the larger framework of society, the trials we face are an integral part of the human condition. Remember that these are not signs of God’s neglect but opportunities for deeper spiritual growth. Stay grounded in faith, recognizing God’s love and care amidst your trials, even when they seem obscured.


We are living in an era filled with complexities and contradictions. Amidst the challenges, the enduring love of God stands as a profound truth, resonating within the hearts of millions across the globe. Through each struggle, each uncertainty, and every seeming setback, there exists a God who cares.

Therefore, keep pressing forward, clinging to your faith in God.

Trials and proof of God’s care

Trials and proof of God’s care