The Qualities of a Godly Father

The Qualities of a Godly Father
The Qualities of a Godly Father


The Qualities of a Godly Father has to do with the characteristics of a God fearing father.The greatest need in our society today is for fathers who will rise up and assume their God-given role of responsibility in the family. Our text gives basic responsibilities for manhood; but when a man becomes a father, those responsibilities are expanded.

Read Micah 6:8

1. A Godly Father loves God
A. (Read Matthew 6:33) The basis upon which happiness is built and priorities of relationship.

B. If you do not have a right relationship with God, it is futile to think you can relate properly to others.

C. If you are running from God you will never have peace. Settle that matter first of all, (Isaiah 57:21)

2. A Godly Father loves his Wife
A. Most husbands assume love is sex. While that certainly is a part of love, it is not all, (Ephesians 5:25-33 ). Real love seeks to meet all the needs of another person. (See 1 Corinthians 13:1-13) for a definition of real love.

B. Romantic actions are not an abandonment of your manliness. Open the car door, pull out her chair at dinner, hold her hand and help make the beds, rinse out the tub when you’re finished, the list is endless.

C. Your sons are learning from you about how to treat their wives. One day they will treat their wives the same way you treat their mother.

3. A Godly Father loves his Children
A. Love is more than provision for material things. Don’t miss your children’s childhood; there is no second chance at childhood.

B. When discipline is required, do it in love, (Colossians 3:21). Don’t beat them up out of anger.

C. Children interpret the time spent with them as love. Forget “quality time” vs. “quantity time”

4. A Godly Father is a man of Integrity

A. Text: “. . . to do justly . . . walk uprightly. . .” “Integrity” has become almost a forgotten word. The highest elected office in our land is tainted with the smell of corruption and the president himself has a notorious reputation as a liar.

B. A member of the president’s cabinet commits suicide rather than face scrutiny for his financial dealings. Whitewater used to mean a good place to go canoeing instead of a political sewer. We are called to rise above that and be men of integrity.

C. It should permeate every area of our lives. In the workplace; an honest day’s toil, in the home; fulfilled promises, in personal business; prompt payment of obligations, in other relationships; commitment to fulfill my commitments.

5. A Godly Father is a role model of God
A. The image of a father nowadays is not always a good one. Over half the children in America grow up without a father in the home. Often abandoned by their father or the father is maligned.

B. Sexual abuse by the father is on the rise. Then, we tell the children that God is their Heavenly Father!

C. Small wonder that they are afraid of Him. God help us! Dad, you are shaping your child’s concept of his/her Heavenly Father. They see him like you.

The Word of God is challenging you to be a godly father today! Will you be a godly father to your children?

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