The wonderful machine: our body


let us look on the inside. We often see our external features and give God the glory for creating us beautifully.

Sometimes we even become proud of our outappearance and despise those we think areward  less comely.

But everyone has his own kind of attractiveness that draws admiration from others, though some seems really better looking than others.

We now look at God’s marvelous work inside us. Jonge (1985), in her book, my listening ears made elaborate expression of what God has put inside us that keep our systems moving.

We may not have imagined them. We shall draw much from her discovery to find out how wonderfully God has made our inside.

Have you considered what you would have being without your bones? perhaps, At most, you would be like a lump of skin and sprawled  helplessly on the floor.

Imagine the site if you were a shapeless mass of tissue on the floor. But we are not just a lump of tissue; we have been carefully designed with our bones.

Our bones support us and give us shape. We can work, stand and sit. We can move our head. We would just have been helpless lump of flesh without the spine.

From the leg to the head would have collapsed .our spine is a solid frame though not quite solid it is able to twist and turn so we can move our head.

Connected to our bones and muscles .There are the involuntary muscles. we do not control them. They work automatically. One type of the involuntary muscles is the cardiac muscle.

This is situated in our heart region. They work every minute we leave. They contract or squeeze together to make the heart pump blood into arteries.

They relax to let the blood rush into the heart. Imagine how difficult life would be if your heart was a voluntary muscle. You would have to think about it every second and minute of your life.

You would spend all your time thinking: “squeeze, relax, squeeze, relax” you would not even sleep.

Smooth muscles are found all over our body in the blood vessels, im our kidneys, in our stomach, in our eyes. God has carefully made them to function without our aid.

They do their immense work, and life would have been a big drab without such a design from God.

God has put a lot of things inside us. He has perfectly planned how they work. You only sleep and walk about. We often look at the external parts of our body and marvel.

But our inside is quite complex and complicated yet God has made it wonderfully well. If we think a little more about our bone,s we discover that God has made variety of them within us.

Each of them is unique and a special work is assigned to each. Think of why we are not straight like a measuring ruler, instead we are shaped more like an x- curve in our back region.

This is because God knows how delicate our spine is. If we were straight, then any little accidents or shock we break our spine.

Immediately, paralysis sets in! but God has placed it in a good shape where it is not easily affected.

Let us consider a little about our digestive system. What happens to that food you eat? Have you thought of what our body would look like without the digestive system?

what would we look like if the food we eat remained as there were? The part will be rice, and beans, bread,fruit,  plantain, yams,, orange, etc? but we are not like that.

All these foods combined together from the blood and mineral other we have in our body which are needed for our survival.

God has graciously provided how they are broken down so that our body can absorb them from our mouth, down to our stomach through the oesophagus, then then to our small intestine.

At all the stages, the body secretes digestive juices which act on them. when it leaves our mouth, we do not bother about what happens to the food again.

Our body takes care of them. Finally things that are not taken care of by the body are gotten rid of.

We do not have to think about this, we just get a tug and we run to the toilet. They just happen. O God has perfectly designed them, each responding to her demands.

The body needs oxygen, which will use for our existence. But the air is full of different gases mixed together. How could we begin to separate these gases to get the oxygen we need?

How could we get rid of the carbon (1V) oxide that is generated within our body during digestion, circulation and other processes within it, which we do not need?

The respiratory system takes care of this processes. God has designed it. As we breathe in and out, there is adequate exchange of gases within our body.

Our respiratory system does the exchange of the gases. It takes in the oxygen we need into the blood system and extract and get rid of the carbon (1V) dioxide we do not need.

All these take place spontaneously and simultaneously. It is a very complex exercise but it looks very simple. We do not need to think before it happens.

Have you ever thought about how that slim woman gradually begins to have a large abdomen? As the abdominal region continues to enlarge, you realise that she is pregnant.

She has conceived. She does not need to think about how the baby will be developing.  God has perfectly built the reproductive system.

The food and energy needed by the foetus is provided by God through the mother. Just  from conception, the womb continues to enlarge on its own to accommodate the growth of the unborn child.

At the fullness of time, the involuntary muscles in the walls of the uterus will begin to contract and relax, the hormones will do their work and labour commences.

The woman does not think about these things, God has designed them to happen naturally.

There is the brain, lightly protected with eight tightly fixed bonds, which also offer cushion it. All messages to the brain go through the central nervous system.

It response and gives messages to any part of the body affected. It controls all conscious activity within the body. Those in the medical science will tell us more about the human body.

There are about two million tiny tools, leaving glands, lymph lumps, safe eating bones and many other fascinating part; all within the body.

Anybody who knows just a very insignificant part of our inside will marvel at God’s Wonder and knowledge. They are all made in the wisdom of God.

He knows all our parts very well. We can trust him to touch any of them at anytime.

He gives us sleep

Are there not times you hate to go to bed? when people around you doing are things that interest you, or even when the day is so nice that you wish it does not end.

You find it difficult to give up a movie that has captivated you and turn in for a sleep, lying several hours, totally unconscious of what is happening around you.

This is not an efficient way to leave. You may query yourself, why  can’t I just keep on going? why must we have sleep?

scientist have discovered that to maintain our sanity, we need our daily sleep. Everyone has made a crappy and stressful day after a night without much sleep.

In an experiment, scientists tried to keep people awake for more than four days. This sleep – starved people began to forget things.

 Yhey began to hallucinate. Letter some of them were mentally deranged and they became violent, imagining that people were out to harm them.

Must of this system symptoms disappeared for  after a good night’s sleep, but a man who had been awake for eight days did not completely regain his sanity for two years.

 It has also been discovered by scientist that some animals died when deprived of sleep for too long. They agree that people will die if forced to stay awake for too long.

 God in his ominiscient nature knows that sometimes we would not want to go to sleep, so he made our body to fall asleep against our will.

We have had an experience of really wanting to stay awake but we are not able to. We can notice that God is taking care of our minds and bodies when we neglect them.

 sleep is very interesting. It is a shame that we cannot stay awake to enjoy it. When you sleep, you don’t just sink into a state of unconsciousness ,dotted with dreams.

You passed through definitely stages. 

The four stages

stages have been identified which we pass through in sleep you first begin to get

drowsy and close your eyes. Your breathing and  heartbeat becomes steady and your brain activity slows down.

You are still conscious of what is going on around you. You can give meaningful answers to questions at this point.

You are not really sleeping, yet it is just the pre- sleep. As you enter the stage 1 of sleep, you may feel an arm or leg Jerk. This Jerk is common and does not usually completely weak you.

Immediately you sink back into stage one, your temperature, pulse rate and blood pressure drops slightly and you breath more slowly .

 You still have some conscious thoughts but cannot control them easily. It is a mixture of dreams and regulated thought. If your name is mentioned, you may wake up .

if nobody weaks you up, you may stay in stage 1 of sleep for about 10 minutes before sinking into stage 2. In stage two,  your eyes begin to move slowly from side-to-side.

Your body functions slow down even more, but your brain becomes more active. You begin to dream short, unconnected dreams. 

You remain in stage 2 of sleep for 20 to 30 minutes before sinking into stage 3.

In stage thre,e the muscles are totally last and the pulse rate, temperature and blood pressure fall even slower. The brain activity slows a bite, although there may be a dream.

Dreams dreamt at this stage are difficult to remember when you wake up for you were in dip-sleep. At this stage ordinary noise will not wake you up .

 After 10 to 20 minutes in  stage 3, you sink into stage 4.

In stage four of sleep your body slows down to the lowest it will reach. The body temperature would have dropped to a low degree. Your heartbeat is the slowest it will be, and you  blood pressure is very slow.

Only a very loud noise can wake you at that stage 4 of sleep. You will be confused on where you are if you wake up at the stage of sleep.

You stay in this stage of sleep for 10 to 20 minutes and then begin to drift upward through stage three to two.

You are now totally asleep. Your muscles are more relaxed than they were, the first time you went through stage two. You begin to move your eyes back and forth again.

Faster than you did before. This stage is called REM (rapid eye movement) to distinguish it from the first time you passed through the stage 2.

You may spend about 20 minutes in stage 2 again. This far, in about 17 minutes you have drifted from stage 1 sleep then to stage four and back up the stage two Rem.

Then you begin to drift down again for the second time. The cycle continues why you are totally unaware of it.

Its stage of sleep is important. If you are deprived of one stage of sleep, your body will automatically try to make it up for her sleep is interesting and absolutely necessary for a physical and mental health.

 our minds are not so powerful that they work continuously without a rest. God has made it much that our bodies demands sleep and rest.

We have  some promises about sleep in God’s word. for he grant sleep to those who loves (Psalms127:2).  And why they are asleep he provide for them. I lie down and sleep, I wake again because the Lord sustains me(palms 3:5).

 I will lie down and sleep with peace, for you alone oh lord make me dwell in safety (Psalms 4 verse 8).

let us rejoice that the mind of God is so great that he never sleeps. God’s mind does not wander like like human minds. So we feel safe when we remember that’s while we sleep, God is watching over us.


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