“The Death Of The Righteous”

“The Death Of The Righteous”

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The bodies of the saints are very precious dust in God’s account . The body of a scent does not perish, though it dies. Death cannot hurt their bodies. The Lord locks up this jewels in the grave as in a cabinet.

The bodies of the scent lay mellowing and riping in the grave until the blessed time of the resurrection. Oh, how precious is this dust of a believer.


the word mind it not yet it is precious to God.

The Farmer has some corn in his barn and other corn in the ground .why? the corn that is in the ground is as precious to him as that in the barn. The bodies of the saints in the grave are God’s corn in the ground but the Lord makes very precious account of this corn .

The bodies of the saints:

The bodies of the saint shall be more glorious and blessed at the resurrection, than ever they were before . Tertullian calls them angelic bodies with regard to the beauty and lubster that shall be upon them. This is as it is with your silks when they are dyed  a purple or scarlet colour ,they are made more bright and illustratious than they were before.

Thu,s it is with the bodies of the saints they shall be dyed a better colour at the resuration and shall be made like a glorious body( Philippians 3 verse 20 ).

Thus,it shall be well with the righteous ;their bodies shall not perish. it will be well with the righteous at death as to their souls ,too.

Oh ,it will be a blessed time! it is with a saint at the time of death, just as it was with Paul in his voyage to Room, where we read that the ship broke but do though  there were so many broken pieces, he got safely to  the shore.

Though the sheep of delivers body  brakes by death,it is safe with the passenger; his soul get safely to the heavenly harbor. let me tell you, the day of a believer’s death ,is the birthday of his blessedness !it his ascension day to heaven.

it is his marriage day with Jesus Christ. Faith contract us here in this life but at death the nuptials shall be solemnized in glory.

They shall see God face to face”  said Augustine ,when they saint enter into joy here on earth .joy enters into them; but when they enter heaven, they shall enter into joy.

They shall drink of those pure Rivers which run from the everlasting fountain! Heaven promises to be more than we ask or imagine. The most beautiful fulfilling ,lovely things imaginable is a poor rendering of the rewards that await us on the other side of death.

Paul said no eye has seen,no ear has heard, no mind has conceive what God has prepared for those who love him (1 Corinthians 2 vs 9 ).

what would motivate Christians around the world to give their lives in service, often anonymously? The God who sees what is done in secret has promise that one day it will all be made right; he will reward them beyond their wildest dreams.

The righteous will be rewarded:

. Thus, you see it will be well with the righteous.However things go, though the trouble comes, though death comes, it will go well with the righteous.

Oh,let those who are the people of God comfort themselves with these words! what an encouragement this is, to begin to be righteous. This text may allure  us all to be godly.

Tell the righteous it will be well with them! when things are never so ill with him yet it will be well with him.when these righteous things go well with us ,your pardon is sealed.

You are heir of all God’s promises ;you are Christ favourite ;you have heaven in  reversion and is it not now well with you! if you would have happiness, you must expouse holiness.

You the righteous, you who build on Jesus the sure foundation ,you who strive for righteousness, you who fear the Lord, you whose righteousness is Christ, you will be rewarded and it shall be well with you, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it and so it will be .

But now, if all these will not prevail with you to make you leave your sins and become righteous, I must pass on a few words to the next branch of the text to scare men out of there sins,to frightened  men out of their wickedness :”weo  to the wicked! disaster is upon them! They will be paid back for what their hands have done!”  Isaiah 3 verse 10 to 11.


The wicked? yes, the wicked .All who have chosen to build on any other foundation other than that which is laid Jesus the Christ (1 Corinthians 3 verse 11) those  who have all forms of godliness but denying its power.

All the wolves in sheep’s clothing .All the agents of the evil one. Alll who must destroy in order to live .their reward shall well, disaster and destruction.

This,  my beloved,it  is the dark side of the cloud. it May cause in every wecked man who heaes me a trembling at the heart.woe ro the wicked !disaster is up them!

The preposition resulting out of the world is this; when  things seems to be well with the wicked it shall be I’ll with them at last . though they have more than their heart can wish yet it shall be ill  with them at last. Ecclesiastes 8 verse 13 :”Because the wicked did not fear God, it will not go well with them”. it shall not be well with the wicked; the God of truth has pronounced this.

it is as true as God is true it shall not be well with wicked! Now that I may make this a little clearer to you, I shall demonstrate these to you in this four particulars:

1.it is ill with the wicked in this life.

2. it is ill with them at death.

3.it is ill with them at the day of judgement.

4. it is ill with them in eternity .

It is ill with the wicked:

It will be ill with the wicked in this life .A wicked man who hears  me, will hardly think so when he has the affluence ,and confluence of artworld comfort when he eats the fat and drinks the sweet he will hardly believe the minister who tells him it shall be ill with him; but it is so!  for is it not ill with that man who has a curse? yes, the curse of God is entiled upon him and can that man ever the, who lives under the curse of God ?

floors of God’s fully and wrath hangs over the head of a wicked man he is hair to all the plagus written in the book of God! All God’s curses are the siner portion,and if he dies in his saying, he is sure to have his portion paid to him!

Woe onto the wicked! every bit of food he has, he has it with a curse! it is like poisoned food given to a dog! every drop of wine he drinks his swallows a curse with it. woe unto the wicked!

There is a curse in his cup and upon his take. God has said “woe onto him”.

We read of Belshazzar , in Daniel chapter 5:2-4 that he took the wine and commanded to bring the gold and silver vessels which they took from the Temple of God in Jerusalem then they brought the Golden vessels that were taken out of the temple and the king, his princess, his wife and his concubines drunk from them.

Belshazzar  was jovial in the midst of his corpse. He was marry but woe unto the wicked, for at that very moment they saw the fingers of a human hand writing on the plaster wall of the king’s palace.

The King’s face turned pale with fear. such terror grippeds him that  his kneels knocked together and his legs gave way beneath him. there was a weo written on the wall. let a Siner live ontil he comes to 100 years of age yet he is cursed( Isaiah 65 verse 20)

His Grey hairs have a curse upon them! it is I’ll with the wickwd not only in this life but at the hour of death in this to respect:

1.Death  puts an end to all his comfort.

2.Death is the beginning of all his misery.

Death put an end to all his comfort :no more indulging and pampering the flesh, no more cups of wine ,no more music .revelation 18 verse 14 and 22; all the fancy things you loved so much are gone the luxury and Splendour that you price so much will never be yours again.

They are gone forever !never again with the sound of music behind there no more harps, songs ,flutes or gladness,  no more mirths and music. All sinners choice foods, his fancy garments, his sparkling diamonds, all depart from him at death !

 As death put an end to a siners mirth , so this is the beginning of all his misteries .Alas,before death begins to close a siners eyes,the eye of his conscience is first opened .

Every sin at the hour of  death stand with it drawn sword  and  it’s hand .those sins that delighted him and  I life now frighten and terrify him! All his joy and might  turned into sadness? all the surgar Joyce of a wicked man at the hour-of-date turn into the water of teaes and into the water of Sorrow.

its shall  be ill for the wickedman at the day of judgement when he is seated before God’s tribunal  he shall leave judging others and shall stand at God bar  and be tried for his life. I read that when felix heard Paul speak of judgement he told.

Josephuswas observed that furnace was a wicked man, and the woman who lives with him ,Drusilla ,he entice from her husband and lived immorality with her .

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when felix heard Paul preaching of judgement me  trembled ,if he trembled to hear of judgement, what will he do when judgement comes ,when all his secret sins shall be made manifest and all his midnight wickedness shall written on his forehead as with the point of a diamond !

The judgement day is coming. The judgement will be fair. the wicked shall be rewarded.

it will be ill with The wicked who died in their sins in Insanity . Then there is but one way for them and they would be glad if they might not go that way anyway but to prison.

“Oh but there is no way but to hell Luke 16 verse 24 :”I am in agony in this fire !”hell is the very centre of misery; it is the very spirit of agony distilled out .

The scripture tells us that in hell there are this things :  darkness, fire and chains.Hell is called a place of darkness Jude 13:” for whom is reserved in the blackness of darkness forever!” darkness, you know, is the most uncomfortable thing in the world.

A man who goes in the dark tremble every step .Hell is  Black region , nothing but blackness of darkness. it must be a dark place where they shall be separated from the light of God’s presence .

indeed, Augustine thinks there shall be some little sulphurous ight  there; but even if it is so ,that light will serve only that the Damned may see the tragedy of their own misery and see them self tormented!

In hell, as there is darkness so there is fire. it is called a burning lake in revelation 20 verse 15: Anyone whose name was not found recorded in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire” you know that fire is the most torturing element and make the most dreadful impression on the Flesh.Hell is a place of fire.

it is disputed among the Leaenwd what kind of fire it is which we may never know! Augstin and other affirm that it is material fire but  far hotter than any earthly fire of the day is partly material and partly spiritual (which is the wrath of God to torment the soul );that is the lake the burning fire.

who knows the power of God’s anger who can dwell with this everlasting burnings?it is intolerable to endure them and impossible to escape them.

In hell they’re chains of darkness.( 2 Peter chapter 2 verse 4).sinner’s who will not be bound by any law of God shall have chains of darkness to bind them .what should be the meaning of this phrase” chains of darkness” this thing suggest unto us that the wicked in hell shall not have  power to work up and down ,which perhaps might be a little easier ,though very little .

But they shall be chained down fast so as not to stare. they shall be fastened to that steak with chains of darkness !

Oh,this will be terrible indeed! suppose a man should lie always chain on a damn bed and might not stir out of his place it would be very painful on to him. but the deemed will I internally chain upon the rack. Always under the touring scorching of God’s routs! how dreadful are there thoughts of this condition of the wicked!

They are under fire darkness and chains!

To add to torment of hell, they are two more things which showed that it shall be tormant with the wicked the worm and The serpent!

first, there is the worm to torture the damn spirit the worms of a tormant conscience where the worm never dies! Mark 9 verse 44.

Oh, how dreadful it will be ,to have this tormenting worm! the tormenting conscience a hellish fury.  conscience will be just as if a worm  full of poison where feeding on the heart of a man!

Those sinners who will never hear the voice of conscience shall feel the worm of conscience!

second, as there is the worm-up tourment, so there is the devil ,who is called The old serpent ?In hell, as there is the beating of this worm so there is the standing of these old serpent.

The Damned shall be forced to behold the devil. I remember what Anselm said ;”I would rather endure the torments of this life than to see the devil with bodily eyes.” but the wicked shall see the devil whether they want to or not; and not only see it but feel the Sting of the old serpent, the devil.

Satan is full of rage against mankind and will show no mercy .As he put forth all the subtly tempting man,so he put out all his cruelty  in tormenting man. This is not all !

There are two more things in the torments of hell.This agonies  and hell convulsions shall be forever. text scripture1 proof, Revelation 14 verse 11″ And the smoke of their torments ascends forever and ever and they have not relife day nor night.”

Thus it is in hell.They desire to die but they can not. The wicked shall be always dying but never dead . The smoke of the furnace ascends forever and ever.Oh, who can endure talk to be ever upon this rack!

This ward” forever” breaks the heart !wicked men now think a semon and a prayer long but oh,how long will it be ,to lie in hell forever and ever !after millions of years, the torment are as far from ending as at the first hour they began!

 Another aggravation of hell torment,  is that the Damned in hell have none to pity them. It is  some comfort, some is to have our friends to pity us in our sickness and need but those in hell  have no friends.

God’s Mercy will not pity  them. His mercy is turned into fury! Christ will not pity them;he is no longer an advocate for them. The holy Angels will not pity them  but will rejoice  when they see the vengeance.

They exalt and glory when they see the Justice of God excuted  upon his enemies.” after this I heard what sounded like the roar of a great multitude in heaven shouting, “hallelujah !salvation and glory and power belon to our God, for true and just are his judgement. He has condemned the great prostitute who corrupted the Earth by her adultery”.

And again they shouted “hallelujah !the smoke from her goes up forever and ever!”( Revelation 19 : 1-3).

Oh,how sad is this to lie in the scalding  furnace of God wrath and none to pity them! when they cry out ,God will laugh at them. Here this ,all you who go on in sin !turn from your sins lest God tears you in pieces as a lion, and there are none to help you.

what a frightening word is this to all wicked men who go on desperately to sin.


There are never been such an inundation of wickedness as now.men sin as they will spite God,and dare him to them!men sin so greedily as if they were afraid hell’s gates will shout up before they got there !

Oh how brazenly do many sin!  They go to hell shamelessly in there wickedness! These are in a sad condition.it is sad at the hour of death and at the day of jugdement.sinners are the very mark which God will shoot at  and He nerver misses this Mark!

Youno what the scripture says,”there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Take heed that none of you here are found among the number of the wicked .Take heed of being of this black regiment, which wears the devil’s colours and fight under his banner.The sinner and the fiery furnace shall nerver be parted. Take heed of those sins  which we bring you to the hellfire .

when you are tempted to any wickedness ,think to yourself ,how can I bear the fierceness of God’s wrath forever! How can I lie in the winepress of God’s wrath forever? Take heed of those sins which will bring into this place of torment!

I’ve read a story of a young woman who been tempted by a young man to commit sin , said unto him,” Grant me  but I will do what you ask.”

“what is that?” he said .

“only hold your finger for 1 hour, in the flame of this burning candle,”,

“No I will not do that! he said.

She replied , “Will you not for my sake, hold your finger for one hour in the candle and will you not have my soul lie burning in hell forever?”Thus,she rebuked the temptation.

Does Satan tempt you to wickedness? Say this,”Oh,Satan,if I embrace your temptation,I must lie under your tormenting cruelty for  eternity!”this will be a shield,,to quench fiery darts of the devil.

 Therefor ,labour  to be righteous. it shall be well with the righteous. But take heed of sin.it shall be ill with the sinner.we conclude with a saying of Augustine;” when a man has been Godly the labour is gone but the pleasure remains! when  a man has been wicked the pleasure is gone but the sting !”

For all you do, you will be rewarded.

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