The Dangers of Hypocrisy

Dangers of Hypocrisy
Dangers of Hypocrisy

Jesus was especially concerned about hypocrisy in Matthew 23. He condemned it more vehemently and frequently than any other sin.

The fact that hypocrisy is a turn on the flesh of every facet of our society can be more understood as we look into some of the effects of the monster.

Hypocrisy hates the truth:
Because a hypocrites self-worth is based on maintaining in illusion of righteousness and

godliness to himself and to others, he must continually deceive himself and others that his righteousness is genuine. However, since his righteousness is not genuine, he must be

on constant guard against facts, circumstances, or people that might expose him. Instead of truth being the foundation of

his life, values and hope, it becomes an enemy against which he must always be on guard. (Matthew 6:23; Luke 11:34-36; John 3:19-21).

 Hypocrisy excludes healthy relationships:

Once a person’s self-worth is based on appearances and role-play rather than genuinely held inner values, he only

associates with people who confirm his carefully-guarded illusions of self righteousness and superiority. He shuns

genuine relationships with people who care enough about him to confront him with things he needs to know about himself. Since love is founded on honestly and genuine

relationships on heart to heart communication, the fact that a hypocrite isn’t in touch with his heart makes him incapable

of a genuine relationships. He is frightened to know or acknowledge what his heart really is like. He avoids the very people who might bring love and light into his life. (Luke 6:42).

 Hypocrisy makes self-knowledge impossible:
Although it is a terrible thing to live without loving relationships, a hypocrite not only

forsakes relationships with other people, but loses his relationship with himself.
Seventeenth -century Welsh peot George

Herbert said: “the best mirror is an old friend.” How could someone know what he looked like if he refused either to look in a mirror or to

pay attention to the honest reactions of others to his appearance? Spiritually, a hypocrite is in precisely this condition. He is a

stranger to his own soul. In spite of all the evidence he sees to the contrary, he willfully clings to an idealized image of himself while ignoring his inner corruption. (Matthew 16:24-26).

 Hypocrisy turns other against the truth:
A person who is obviously evil is dangerous, but not nearly as dangerous as someone who appears to be good (Matthew 7:15; 2 Corinthians 11:13-15)

Hypocritical exploitation of the truth for evil purposes is profoundly harmful. The initial damage occurs when the innocent are misled

(Isaiah 32:6; Matthew 22:1-13) Further damage occurs when victims of hypocrisy come to realize what has happened to them.

A man or woman wounded by a hypocritical spouse in a heart -breaking divorce may never risk marrying again.

Unloved children may despite family relationships and unleash their rage against society.

This is why Jesus overturned the table of the money-changers and drove them out of the temple (mtt 21:10-14) , this why He said; if

any one causes one these little ones who believe in me to sin, it will better for him to have a large milestone hung around his neck

and to drowned in the debit of the sea.
It is a serious thing to reject the truth but it is more serious to cause others to reject truth

by misusing it for our own evil and hipo critical purposes. This is why each of us must always be on guard against this most serious of sins- Hypocrisy.

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 Hypocricy deadens the conscience:

1Timothy 4:2 ” Now the spirit speaks expressly in the later times and some will become phonies, believing satanic lies,

speaking lies as hipocrist, their conscience having been seared with a hot iron”. The literal word that seared is cauterized. The

conscience is being cautrized,their nerve ends deadened. They watched the play so long, they believed it. What God desires of the

Christian is a progressively sensitive to certain sins than we were a year ago. Satan’s goal is to progressively deaden consciences. One of the methods he uses is the hypocritic

Hypocrisy causes other people to stumble:

Luke12:1, in a loose translation, says that there were hoards of people tromping all over each other. Jesus turned to His disciples and

said, Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees which is hypocrisy, for these is nothing covered that shall not be revealed, neither

hidden that shall not be known, what you have spoken in the shadows will be brought to light and what you have whispered in private will be proclaimed from the

housetops.” You may say, “No one will know what I’ve said. It won’t hurt anybody.” That is not true, because what nobody knows will be

known. Jesus told them that hypocrisy is like leaven that will rise until all of a sudden, it is all over the place and everybody Will know.