Rugged journey to the promised Land

Rugged journey to the promised Land

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The lord said, ‘I have indeed seen the misery of my people and Egypt. I have heard there crying out because of their slave drivers, and I am concerned about their suffering.

So I have come down to rescue them from the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of the land into a good and scorpius land, a land flowing with milk and honey….. (Exod.3:7-8).

Where is God?
Some religious people have been tempted to ask, as they consider the excruciating atrocities perpetrated by humanbeings against their fellows:’Has God withdrawn from the affairs of this world?

Slavery has never been a pleasant experience to any people or nation. from the Stone age to the present age, slavery remains a very ugly experience that none would wish to be its victim, no matter how it is painted.

Through the ages ,different people have found themselves victims of this messy business ,and at such times have suffered the wickedness of humankind.

various crimes against humanity have been perpetuated through the practice of slavery. Anyone who has experienced bondage will never wish his or her children to repeat the experience.

Humankind is born free ,but it experience chains all over it in the society it is born into. Even we claim and think that slavery has been abolished, yet we find that there are

much more suitable ways people have carefully designed to keep others under new suffocated subjection.

Most people are heard pressed on every side by others. Some are forced into an imaginable circumstances. The society has formed her ‘lords’ which exercised great power over the people and who dedicate what will happen to others.

God’s ultimate purpose for making human kind to worship him and enjoy his fellowship – is violated. This way humankind’s godly image is defaced and multilated.

But power belongs to God (psalm 62 verse 11). Absolute power belongs to God. He has never forgotten his people, despite the fact that we live in a fallen world where goodness

and righteousness seems to have being overshadowed by wickedness. Throughout the ages, God has often intervened in The

affairs of the world clamp down on the wickedness of human beings upon their fellows. God’s people are the apple of his eyes.

The Hebrews, all though God’s elect, once suffered the excruciating evils of slavery in Egypt, a foreign land. Initially they were highly

favoured because their brother Joseph was in power and was highly valued by the pharaohs of Egypt. He was elevated to a leadership position because of his wise counsel to pharaoh. 

But then Joseph died and with the passage of time, a successor to the throne of Egypt forgot the immense contribution he and his generation had made to the nation.

The Hebrews were first viewed as foreigners even though they have lived in Egypt for a period of 420 years. They were not trusted and we are completely excluded from leadership of the Nation they have come to take as theirs.

They were only demanded to work for the well-being of the Nation, yet they were prevented from benefiting from any social security from the nation.

In spite of their labours and commitment to the nation, the Hebrews we are viewed as unpatriotic. They were seen as a big threat to the safety of the  Egyptians.

Motivated by  suspicions and fear, weather imagined or real, the Egyptians government preceded to unleash operation on the

Hebrew people, the very people who contributed such a great  deal to the life of the Nation, by whom God had revealed what must be done to save the nation during famine.

The Hebrews had lived and paid their taxes for more than 400 years, yet they were not considered worthy of citizenship. This was jagged justice.

They were trapped and there was no hope of escape. All seem dark . But they were not silent. God was not silent too.He was working His purpose out as years succeeded years.

The operation was in different stages and forms combined together. It all started with jealousy. They imagine how the Hebrews if

free could leave to prosper, run their lives, care for their own families, bring up their children in the way they wished and according to their religion, occupy their own land and pursue their future.

Pharaoh and his cabinets we are not pleased with the industry of the Hebrews. They were hard-working and progressive people.

The jealousy of the Egyptians let them to feel threatened by the Hebrews. They could not contain their fears, jealousies and

feelings of insecurity; so they proceeded to oppress the Hebrews. They first took away their freedom to live and work as they pleased.

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As years go by, the Egyptians interfered with the family life of the Hebrews. To have a son was forbidden. What is humiliation? Even the joy of having a baby boy was short lived.

Consequently, there prganant  women were  closely monitored, not to help them deliver safely but to ensure that none of the boys

they bear was allowed to leave. This is a great wickedness.Pharaoh and his cabinet felt threatened by any male child born to them.

They saw every baby boy as a potential liberator of the Hebrews. But in when did they try to eliminate all the Hebrew baby boys for God was watching. He had nothing withdrawn from the scene of human affairs. He was awake and active.

Pharaoh and his cabinets imposed forced labour upon the Hebrews to control and demoralize them . they were given jobs that

none in the society wanted. To prevent any form of protest, Pharaoh make sure the physical demand of the work was so sapping that no one had the energy to complain.

Besides, severe punishment awaited anyone who failed to perform the work thoroughly. Bricks for Pharaoh’s storage house and palces were produced by tramplimg mud and straw mixed with water and limestone in large pits.

The misture had to be neatly shaped and carefully stacked for firing in the kilns. Only high quality bricks were acceptable and to produce high-quality bricks, the texture must be just right. To get the right texture meant hours upon hours of knee deep, bear feets trambling.

This gruelling activity was done, under the scorching heat of the Egyptians sun and very high humidity. Their movements were being restricted.

They were compelled to stand and walk for long hours each day, to meet the production quotas set by the foremen. They are women

were abused, their chastity  violated, the joy of a baby removed. What is humiliation! But God had a plan for them. God never forgot them.

God’s people, God’s elect, felt dispossessed, demoralized and humiliated. They trampled  in those pics knee deep in  the mid, straw,grime and dirt.

Their dignity was destroyed. they were treated as nobody’s and nonentities in the society, in non people and invisible minority group not even considered as a worthy of third class citizenship.

They were talking as things to be controlled, used, manipulated and discarded when they expire at will . There voice should not be heard. They were denied or civil and human rights.

They were abused to an existence of mere survival and we are confined to a reservation and a slave encampment under Strict surveillance and policy.

Many under these extreme inhuman condition grew considerably old too soon and so expired. All that fell victims of

diseases and sickness. those who survived were as good as dead . yet each passing day saw the introduction of more schemes to make their bodies more intolerable. 

This depicts the nature and activity of the devil, for once he has us in his grip, he does not give us an easy life. He has more to steal, kill and destroy (John 10 verse 10).


Joy Chinonyerem

Joy Chinonyerem is an ardent follower of Christ who believes in Living the Christian Life according to the tenets set by Christ himself. She is passionate about Walking by Faith, as commanded by the scriptures and uses her blog, Walking By Faith Blog, to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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