Raising An Altar Against God’s Enemies

Raising An Altar Against God’s Enemies

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In the journey of faith, Christians often find themselves faced with spiritual battles and adversaries that seek to undermine their relationship with God and obstruct His divine purposes. However, as believers, we are not left defenseless. God has provided us with powerful weapons, one of which is the concept of raising an altar against His enemies. In this message, we will delve into the significance of raising an altar, why Christians should embrace this practice, how to effectively raise an altar, the dangers of neglecting this spiritual discipline, and the countless benefits it brings. Together, let us explore the profound depth of this timeless spiritual practice.

I. Understanding the Altar

Before we dive into the importance of raising an altar against God’s enemies, it is vital to comprehend the concept of the altar itself. In biblical times, altars were physical structures used for worship, sacrifice, and divine communication. They served as a meeting point between humanity and the divine realm. Today, altars hold a symbolic meaning, representing a dedicated space where we connect with God, offer our prayers, and present our spiritual sacrifices.

II. Why Christians Should Raise an Altar Against God’s Enemies

1.Spiritual Warfare and Adversaries
The Christian journey is not exempt from spiritual battles. The Bible repeatedly emphasizes the existence of spiritual adversaries, such as the devil and his demons, who seek to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10). Raising an altar against God’s enemies equips believers with a powerful spiritual tool to wage war against these forces of darkness and emerge victorious.

2.Obedience to God’s Word
The Scriptures encourage believers to resist the devil and stand firm in their faith (James 4:7, 1 Peter 5:9). Raising an altar is an act of obedience, a demonstration of our trust in God’s promises, and a declaration that we align ourselves with His will. It signifies our commitment to actively engage in the battle against evil.

3.Prophetic and Intercessory Role
Raising an altar also carries a prophetic and intercessory significance. It allows believers to stand in the gap for others, interceding for individuals, communities, and nations. As we raise an altar against God’s enemies, we release divine intervention and declare His victory in every sphere of influence.

III. How to Raise an Altar

1.Seek God’s Guidance and Direction
The first step in raising an altar against God’s enemies is seeking His guidance and direction. Spend time in prayer, seeking clarity on the specific adversaries or challenges you need to address. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal His strategies and show you the areas where an altar needs to be raised.

2.Repentance and Consecration
Before constructing a spiritual altar, it is crucial to examine our hearts and repent of any sins or areas of compromise. Consecrate yourself to God, offering your life as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1). Purify your intentions, motives, and desires to align with God’s purposes.

3.Personal Altars
Personal altars can be established in the privacy of your home or a designated place. Create a sacred space where you can regularly commune with God, read His Word, pray, and offer spiritual sacrifices. Decorate it with objects that remind you of His presence and promises.

4.Corporate Altars
In addition to personal altars, believers can also raise corporate altars. These can be established within churches, ministries, or other Christian gatherings. Coming together in unified prayer and worship intensifies the spiritual impact, invoking God’s presence and power.

IV. The Dangers of Not Raising an Altar Against God’s Enemies

Neglecting to raise an altar against God’s enemies can have significant consequences for believers. Here are some dangers to consider:

1.Vulnerability to Spiritual Attacks
By disregarding the practice of raising an altar, Christians leave themselves vulnerable to spiritual attacks from the enemy. Satan seeks to devour and destroy the faith of believers (1 Peter 5:8). Without the protection and spiritual fortification provided by an altar, believers may find themselves susceptible to the schemes and temptations of the enemy.

2.Weakening of Spiritual Authority
Raising an altar is an act of spiritual authority. It signifies the believer’s position as a child of God and a representative of His kingdom. When an altar is not raised, believers may inadvertently weaken their spiritual authority and influence in the spiritual realm. This can hinder their ability to effectively resist the enemy and impact their environment for God’s glory.

3.Lack of Intimacy and Communion with God
Altars serve as places of intimate communion with God. They provide a sacred space where believers can seek His presence, receive guidance, and experience His love and grace. Neglecting to raise an altar deprives believers of this intimate fellowship and can result in spiritual dryness, distance from God, and a weakened spiritual life.

4.Ineffectiveness in Spiritual Warfare
Spiritual battles require spiritual weapons. Raising an altar against God’s enemies is a powerful weapon in the arsenal of believers. It enables them to engage in effective spiritual warfare and overcome the schemes of the enemy. Without this vital spiritual practice, believers may find themselves ill-equipped and ineffective in their battle against the forces of darkness.

5.Limited Impact on the World
God has called His people to be salt and light in the world (Matthew 5:13-16). Raising an altar empowers believers to impact their spheres of influence, transforming communities and nations for God’s glory. When an altar is not raised, the ability to bring about significant change and advance God’s kingdom agenda may be limited.

V. The Benefits of Raising an Altar Against God’s Enemies

1.Spiritual Protection and Victory
Raising an altar establishes a spiritual stronghold, providing protection and victory over the enemies of God. It creates a spiritual boundary that hinders the advancement of evil and invites the divine presence and power to intervene on behalf of believers.

2.Intimacy and Communion with God
An altar serves as a meeting place between God and His people. By raising an altar, believers position themselves to experience deep intimacy and communion with the Lord. They can encounter His love, receive His guidance, and experience supernatural manifestations of His power.

3.Empowerment for Spiritual Warfare
An altar empowers believers to engage in spiritual warfare with confidence and authority. It strengthens their ability to resist the enemy, dismantle his strongholds, and walk in victory. Raising an altar equips believers with spiritual weapons and positions them to be effective agents of change in their spheres of influence.

4.Transformation of Lives and Environments
By raising an altar against God’s enemies, believers release the power of God to bring about transformation in their lives, families, communities, and nations. Altars become places of divine encounters, where lives are changed, miracles happen, and the atmosphere is saturated with God’s presence.


Raising an altar against God’s enemies is a profound spiritual practice that empowers believers to overcome spiritual battles and fulfill their God-given purpose. By understanding the significance of raising an altar, Christians can embrace this discipline with faith and confidence. Let us raise altars in our personal lives and in corporate gatherings, interceding for others, resisting the enemy, and releasing the power of God to transform lives and impact the world.


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