Prayer Points Against Sanballat and Tobiah: Overcoming Spiritual Opposition

Prayer Points Against Sanballat and Tobiah: Overcoming Spiritual Opposition

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Prayer Points Against Sanballat and Tobiah: Overcoming Spiritual Opposition


In the journey of faith, we often encounter obstacles and adversaries that seek to hinder our progress. Just as Nehemiah faced opposition from Sanballat and Tobiah while rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, we too may encounter spiritual adversaries in our lives. In this guide, we will explore 16 powerful prayer points against Sanballat and Tobiah, helping you overcome spiritual opposition and continue on your path of faith and purpose.

1.Prayer for Discernment
Heavenly Father, grant us discernment to recognize the presence of Sanballat and Tobiah in our lives and situations. Help us identify the spiritual opposition we face.

2.Prayer for Strength
Lord, empower us with the strength to stand firm against the schemes of the enemy. May we be strong in You and the power of Your might.

3Prayer for Protection
We seek Your divine protection, O God, as we face spiritual adversaries. Guard us from harm and keep us under Your wings.

4.Prayer for Wisdom
Father, grant us wisdom to navigate the tactics of the enemy. Help us make wise decisions in the face of opposition.

5.Prayer for Perseverance
Give us the endurance to press on despite the challenges. May we not grow weary in doing good.

7.Prayer for Unity
Lord, unite us as a body of believers to stand together against spiritual opposition. Let us be of one accord, seeking Your will.

8.Prayer for Forgiveness
Grant us a heart of forgiveness, Lord, even towards those who oppose us. Help us to love our enemies as You have commanded.

9.Prayer for Courage
Father, fill us with courage to face the intimidation and fear that Sanballat and Tobiah may bring. Let Your perfect love cast out all fear.

10.Prayer for Guidance
Lead us, O God, in the paths of righteousness. Guide us away from the traps and snares set by our adversaries.

11.Prayer for Encouragement
Heavenly Father, send encouragement our way through Your Word, through fellow believers, and through Your Spirit. Strengthen our hearts.

12.Prayer for Righteous Anger
Lord, let righteous anger rise within us against the works of darkness. May we be zealous for Your truth.

13.Prayer for Healing
We pray for healing, Lord, for any wounds inflicted by the enemy. Heal our hearts and restore us to wholeness.

14.Prayer for Victory
Father, grant us victory over Sanballat and Tobiah. May Your name be glorified through our triumph over spiritual opposition.

15.Prayer for Peace
Grant us peace that surpasses understanding, even in the midst of adversity. Help us remain calm and steadfast.

16.Prayer for Thankfulness
We thank You, Lord, for the opportunity to grow in faith through opposition. May our gratitude be a testimony to Your grace.

Prayer for Deliverance
Heavenly Father, we pray for deliverance from the influence of Sanballat and Tobiah. Break every chain and stronghold in our lives.


In times of spiritual opposition, remember that prayer is a powerful weapon. By consistently seeking God’s guidance and support, we can overcome the spiritual adversaries in our lives just as Nehemiah triumphed over Sanballat and Tobiah. Stand strong in faith, knowing that the Lord is with you, and His love and power are greater than any opposition you may face.


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