Oil Spill Of Divine Favour And Influence

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Oil spill
Oil spill

“Then Samuel took the horn of oil, and anointed him in the midst of his brethren: and the spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward. So Samuel arose and went to Ramah”.

The Oil spill is a point of contact through which God communicates his acts and wonders in the lives of men who have been singled out for enthronement, but the functioning power that establishes these acts is not necessarily located inside the oil but it resides in the one who wields the oil as prepared by the Lord.

God knows that man cannot help himself because of the insufficiencies that are wired in his being, so in other to bridge this gap that has been created by man’s deficiencies, God prepares a man that he will lead you to, in this man lies the functioning power of God that produces the results that your life needs, and when you locate this man, something extraordinary will be captured and registered in your life, this is how God helps men.

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Every man that has an assignment on the face of the earth needs oil Spill for enthronement, the oil once rested on you has the ability to make easy the assignment in front of you. Who anoints you matters, the vessel through which the oil is poured on you is very vital because it will determine the degree to which you will fulfill your assignment, and for a man like David, who had a high call but was ignorant of it at the early stage of his life just like most of us today, it was expedient for the oil to had come on him early because of the great assignment that God had predestined for him. He had killed both a bear and a lion before then, but there was something greater in front of him that will validate and authenticate his enthronement, and Goliath was the beginning of that test, hence God saw the need for him to be anointed with the oil that was poured on him.

The anointing attracts the presence of God, and the presence of God is the vehicle that conveys influence. When the oil of influence comes on you, you will be brought under the influence of the Spirit.

Influence is a force (1sam chap 12vs6), when men function in the place of influence, it means that they are being backed up by a stronger force powered from the realm of the spirit, it is not natural.
The force of influence is;
1. God giving you the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, and behavior of people around you.

2. God making you an agent of change in your business, career, and academics.

3. God granting you the power to make the people around you agree with your opinion, and to do what you want them to do because they have seen you doing well. By this, it means that your opinion matters.

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4. Influence is pronounced in you when God uses you to give others hope and direction. This is when people can decide to try again because of your victory.

5. Influence is the inflow of inspiration for the aspiration of others such that it challenges and compels them into positive actions. People are not out of place when they wish to be like you because God can be revealed in man.

Your life only begins to gain an element of importance when your deeds begin to impact and influence those around you. Influence is victory over controlling powers, a life devoid of influence is a meaningless life.

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If we are representatives of God on earth, we should also imbibe his lifestyle because no man encounters God and remains the same, if you have met with God and yet no change is registered in your enclave, you can’t meet God and still have an old heart fill with wickedness; if this happens, then it was never real in the first place, the spirit of God is a game-changer, hence no one should share the same space with you and remain the same (Exo chap 33vs16). Before change is confirmed in your life, there are old patterns that must be altered, and new ones which must become installed in your current civilization.

The world is waiting for the impact of your influence to be captured in their lives, but until the spirit that sponsors influence rest on you, this your dream of world impact will remain a far cry. Influence and impact are a reality, If you will achieve your assignment of world domination through influence, it must be founded on two bedrocks; Spirituality & Humanity, when these two infrastructures are installed in your life, it would matter less what anyone does against you because you will see yourself surmounting the things that were designed to bring you down, and it will not be out of place when people begin to envy you because of this.

The capacities of the spiritual realms are attained through contentions, you can’t break into them on the platform of dialogue, you must fight for it, and for this reason, anyone who envies your glory and wishes to enjoy a part of it should also wish to contend with the same magnitude of problems that you’ve had to contend with and the sacrifices you’ve had to make to attain the echelon of influence you are operating from. Before you wish to be like any man, try to understand his Grace, his Sacrifices, and his History; If you can not match these dimensions that they’ve walked in, then it becomes a wild goose chase wishing to be like them.

You are not where you are today by mistake, God gives to men their space of influence to gain control of their jurisdiction, when you walk out of your space of influence, you will lose your honor, where God has put you is where he will release influence on you, be the king of your space and don’t aspire to be an intruder into another person’s. Know it today that everyone was not created to obey you, those who will obey and honor you will do so to the degree to which you have registered an influence in their lives. Exact your influence on those in your space, it therefore, amounts to an error when those in your space starve you of the honor due to you.

You can understand the technicalities of life, be intelligent all to want, and broaden your frontier with the latest inventions of science, but I can categorically tell here that until spirituality is added into the space of your knowledge, you will fall short over and over again. It is good to be smart, but be spiritual so that you can control your space.

There are issues that will remain unresolved absent influence.
No man encounters God by mistake, for this singular reason, influence can not be stumbled upon, it is a carefully worked out process that begins with impact. Influence is the preservative of honor, no man can honor without communicating some form of impact in their lives, when they honor you, It means that you have impacted them.

There is an oil spill that compels men into doing your bidding. (Luke 14vs23) You must acquire the supernatural power that brings men under your influence and compel them to do your bid, when this happens, no man is permitted to go back with what will change your life when they encounter you.

This oil spill compels men by;

1. Driving them with supernatural force. Even without being in close proximity, you can change people’s (your children, your boss, your helpers, your circle of influence) character, choices, perspective, identity, and nature through the supernatural tool of prayer.

2. Making your customers transact business with you irresistibly. Everyone that comes into your life to add to it has invariably come to do business with you, and you must have what it takes to keep them.

3. Making them get to focus on the cause of your events.

When men attain a certain dimension of elevation and influence, there are forces and powers that represent the envoys of darkness that will confront you, you can not take over the stage without confrontations, it is not realistic, be prepared for the battles that come with living a life of influence and impact.
There is an energy that runs in a man that makes him influential, this energy is not sought for physically but spiritually, when you attain that level, build on it and maintain it, this is how you gain stature and become a God-man.

I prophesy, Let the spirit that is activated from the oil spill of divine favour and influence that is on you begin to compel men to do your bidding from henceforth in Jesus’ mighty name.