Living creatures(Genesis 1:20-25)


Living creatures
God did not create living things until the fith day. The day God started creating a new set of things – living creatures, from the waters (sea) then to the air and lastly to the land.

It was this day that the fish and the birds were  created. God commanded the water to

teem with living creatures of the sea. The sea teams with varying species of living creatures, both the ones that we have known, and those that will still be discovered later.

God has made every living thing, from the microorganisms that are invisible to the uneided eye, which could only be viewed with

powerful microscopes, all in their kinds and nature, to the big ferocious sea creature such as sharks,Wales, and  hippopotamus.

 it is curious to know that they all belong to this day, God in his wisdom and power gave their sizes, shapes and nature’s with the abominable powers of the sensitive life with which they are endued.

When we consider them daily, we have the cause  not only to silence the objections of atheist and infidels but to raise  high thought and high praises to God in our pious devout souls.

This palmist  was thrilled when he considered God’s creation in psalm 104. He reflected on these and exclaimed,

“there is the sea, as vast as spacious, teeming with creatures beyond number – living things both large and small” (Psalms 104 verse 25).

God has ensured the continuance of those creatures. He knows that life is a Wasring thing. Its strength is not internal. Its soon burns   out quickly like candle, thus the wise creator not only made them but provided for their propagation in there different kinds.

He did this by blessing them and saying: “Be fruitful an increase in number”( vs 22 ).

God did not finish the creation of living things on the fifth day. He continued this on the sixth day with land creatures. He commanded the land to produce living creatures according

to the kinds: not only of different shapes but of different nature, manner, food and fashion – some living on grass and harbs, others and flesh, some bold and others apprehensive –

some for humankind service and to live with humankind and not for sustenance; others 
 for his substance and his services:  orders for boths, and some for neither .

Of all these living creatures, none was originally made to harm man,but to serve him and be useful to him.

God has set the earth in other and filled it with living creatures, botj in the sea, air and land, but it is not yet complete.

Yet the best of his creatures is yet to be made; one who could have fellowship and conscious relationship with God.

This God, in completing his work on the Six-Day made humankind in his own image. Humankind  is fearfully and wonderfully made

 But we noticed here that God has a plan for his people .He planned for humankind before creating. He set the whole universe in order before introducing humankind into it.

In the same way, God has a plan for each of us but our birth.


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