How to Walk closer with God

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How to Walk closer with God
How to Walk closer with God


How to Walk closer with God should be the goal of every christian. In other to do that ,there are lots of ways to go about this, from praying to and praising God formally or informally, to reading the Bible.

 If you like being more social, you can speak with your pastor or become an active participant in your Church. Continue reading for more ideas on how to become closer to God as a Christian.

Method 1 of 2 of How to Walk closer with God 
Praying to God
Step 1
Become comfortable with your faith. If you are unfamiliar with God, and have not been active in your religion, take the time to get to know Him. Perhaps you can begin by locking yourself in your room. This will help you to feel that you are now alone with the Sustainer.

Step 2
Try to clear your mind. Take a deep breath and then say aloud, “Hi, God. I saved this time for You. Will You please come and be close to me?” This may feel absurd at first, but understand that God truly listens and cares. Remember, “Ask and you shall receive.” There is also nothing wrong with asking for God to talk to you.

Step 3
Speak to a friend or someone you really trust. Unloosen your tongue and tell God all that bothers you. Tell Him something that you are thankful for, that has recently happened in your life. For example, thank Him if your team won a big game, someone you like asked you out, or for the new friend you made. God listens and understands always, so you will not have to feel silly.

Step 4
Do not come off as proud or boastful. Do not pray for anything fancy: Try to address the big things in your life. Nothing is too little to ask about when asking for help and wisdom. Prayer should not be self-centered.
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Step 5
Realize that God has his own reasons, His timeline. Trust Him. You may not get exactly what you want when you want it, but He does everything for a reason.

Confess your sins to Him. Pray for the your problems in your life right now, and other stuff that is really important to you. You can try making a prayer journal, if you are not comfortable with praying, to record your petitions and their results.

Pray often. Though this may seem obvious, pray twice or more a day to God. Ensure the words come from your heart Imagine yourself coming before him and seeing his majesty as you pray. Worship his majesty! Yet, He wants to be your best friend forever Bestie babysyssss’, just and right, your Holy God, The Judge, for “He is [perfect] Love”. He wants you to pray in the Spirit as well as in understanding. He wants you to pray for other people so that they will repent and be healed.

Ask your Christian friends about prayer. If prayer is new to you, look around and read articles online about how to pray effectively.

Method 2 of 2 of How to Walk closer with God 
Growing Closer in Other Ways

Remember that God is always right next to you. He is always with you, like a really close friend. If you do this, you will probably find yourself talking to God more and more. When you talk to God, it does not have to be in formal prayer. Speak your heart when you need him in the moment. This will bring you closer to him. You will really benefit by worshiping God and seeking to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
Be aware that He can and will talk to you through your day to day life. He may talk into your heart during prayer or throughout the day, through others who never knew what you said in prayer. Also, He typically answers the “Why?” instead of the “What?” or the “When?” Sometimes He answers “Yes”, sometimes “No”, sometimes “Not now”

Talk to your church’s youth minister, priest, pastor’s wife or children’s teacher. Talk to them about questions you have. In general, they have studied the Bible and may have asked similar questions themselves. You will learn many things about God that you did not know. Seeking answers can help you to explain God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to your non-Christian friends as well.
Why does He allow the free choice for us to sin?

Why does He allow His people suffer; how are there troubles when doing “good”.
Why did He let His Son suffer, bleed and die on the cross to save us from sin.
Why did Christ need to return to the Father in Heaven.
Why did He send the Holy Spirit, etc.

Read the Bible. Getting to know God will help you grow closer, and the Bible is the written word of God. What does He like? What does He dislike? What makes Him happy, sad or angry? What does He value? What does He think is foolishness? All these answers are in the book. Try to read your Bible daily through a reading plan.
You can find tons of reading plans online, try to find one that you find works for you. Devotionals help because they explain passages in ways that relate to our lives, and explains a lot! You can buy your own, our find some online.
A great book that spells out the promises of God, which are true even in the difficult times of life, is “Always True” by James MacDonald. He directs you to Scriptures that will encourage you and give you hope in tough times.

Do not make false promises to God. If you fail, or falter, on a promise, go back and make amends with Him. Maybe He will want you to make amends to others. Maybe not. Recognize that when you pray, understand your feelings, so that you can better understand Him. Open your heart and be honest. He already knows what is in your heart. You need to see what is in your heart. Be honest with yourself. If you lie, you are only lying to yourself because He already knows the truth.

Pay attention in church. You will learn a lot more and feel more in tune with God.
Take notes in church! This helps tremendously and later on, you can review them and figure out how to apply principles to your own life.

Participate in church. Singing in church, and engaging in the actions (bow your head, stand up, sit down) is not enough. Volunteer as much as you can, help others, and be blessed.

Be honest in your thought, feeling, action. God is pure, so the more you are pure, the more God will touch your heart and fulfill your heartfelt desires.

Resist violence and fights. Stay balanced and ethically serene. Read the Bible for help on keeping an eternal cool.

Always  Confess your sin to God.   It will help you to live a more Christian life, and become closer to God.

Associate with those of the same faith. Whether you are a child, a teenager, or adult, keep company with people of the same faith. This will assist your own faith to grow stronger, especially when two or more persons are gathered, praying and hoping for God’s guidance. This does not mean you cannot also connect with people that do not believe, or are of a different faith. What matters is what is in your heart. Whenever you pray, have faith. If you do not believe, you won’t become closer to God.


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