How to Rely on Jesus

How to Rely on Jesus

How to  Rely on Jesus
How to Rely on Jesus

How to rely on Jesus means to depend  with full trust or confidence on Jesus.
 This may seem like an easy question to answer when all is going well in your life, but when times get tough, can you still rely on Jesus? Of course you can. It is important to know that you can. Tough times, persecution and rejection are all mentioned by Jesus as behaviour that we will experience as followers of Him. We have a Saviour who will never leave us or forsake us. It is us who most likely would turn away when times are good and feel as though we don’t need a Saviour.

How to rely and trust  Jesus

“Believe and confess with your mouth and you will be saved.” But, the word ‘believe’ means more than just believing. This word believe is the closest word for the word “pisteuo” in the Greek that the translators could find. The difference is that the word in the Greek means to trust and rely upon. (Romans 10)


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Consider this challenge: A man strung a tight rope across the Niagara Falls and printed in the local paper that he would walk across the falls with a wheelbarrow full of rocks. The day came and the crowd was big and excited about the event. The Man came out with his new wheelbarrow and asked, “How many of you believe that I can make it across the tight rope and back?” The crowd cheered loudly and said, “We believe you can do it.” The man went on his way with patience of steel, made it to the other side and back with the wheelbarrow full of rocks. The crowd thundered with cheers. The man said, “How many of you believe I can push a man or woman in my wheelbarrow across and back?” The crowd got even more excited and cheered to see him take a person across Niagara Falls and back. The man was excited about doing his last event. The man said, “If you believe, raise your hands.” The cheering crowd lifted their hands high and cheered. He started asking for volunteers among them that believed to sit in His wheelbarrow to leave the safety and security of dry ground. Not surprisingly, no one volunteered. Although many believed he could do it, no one volunteered to sit in his wheelbarrow. All the ones that believed and raised their hands said, “You are crazy. I am not getting in that wheelbarrow.” Many say they believe in Christ but few choose to get into His wheelbarrow. When Christ asks you to “Trust me. Rely on me. Submit and depend on me; will you surrender your life to Him?” “Many are called but few are chosen.”

Check this, “You believe that there is one God; you do well: the devils also believe, and tremble.” (James 2:19)
Study this scripture because it shows that believing is not sufficient to get you saved. If Satan and his demons believe and understand that God exists, does that get them into Heaven with God? No, demons do not surrender their lives or their existence to His control and Lordship nor do they have a servant relationship to Him.


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Verify this word use in most American English translations of the Bible. You will find that the Amplified Bible does translate the word “believe” with the true meaning of “trust and rely”, but do any others?


Look above for synonyms of the word rely translating it to confidence, dependence, faith, and reliance not just mere believing that something is in existence. Having a faith, reliance and dependence that He will save me is something different than, more than, greater than just believing.

Examine how salvation is watered down; it is not mere believing that will save you. It is reliance, dependence and reliance; a hanging on, persistence. The ability to   rely is why Jesus says we must be like little children to enter the Kingdom.

Do as kids do with their parents? They have confidence, dependence, faith, and reliance, like saying, “Feed me, clothe me, and give me what I need.”
And, Receive the Holy Spirit (Per the Bible) as Jesus told his disciples and all his followers; this is for as many as the Lord shall call. In these last days God is pouring out His spirit upon all flesh, and His Children will receive the blessing.

Follow Jesus the Good Shepherd, and choose to be His sheep. What do sheep do? Depend, follow, rely, trust your leader Shepherd, are you getting the picture? There is no value in just believing in God for even the demons from hell believe that Jesus saves and he is The Lord. Read James 2:19

Ponder this: God’s way is narrow and few will find it. A person that believes may not enter, but he that relies, trusts, and depends will enter the Kingdom of God by the narrow gate.
Ask God for discernment.This is why the church at large needs to get saved. “What is that?” many may ask while reading this. You might be thinking this, as well — but, “Yes, the church at large, the person sitting in the pew or chair next to you needs to develop a life of dependence, reliance, and trust on the Lord;” He is the source of true salvation and of discipleship. Trust and determine to be obedient; it’s more than just believing.
Sit in God’s wheelbarrow. This would mean to trust, rely and depend on him for your life. Is your answer “no way!”. Why? It is the fear to let go of control of your life and to put it in the hands of another.

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Count the cost: this is the truth — He may cross “with someone else” in his wheelbarrow — but not oneself. Do you see the difference? In the same way do you merely believe in Jesus or
Trust, depend and rely in Him and put your life in His hands! Where do you sit with that statement? If you do not fully trust in Jesus, ask him right now: “Teach me to trust You!”[1] , also Psalms 73:28, 115:10-11, 91:1-16. Make this a continuing process to rely on The Lord.

Joy Chinonyerem

Joy Chinonyerem is an ardent follower of Christ who believes in Living the Christian Life according to the tenets set by Christ himself. She is passionate about Walking by Faith, as commanded by the scriptures and uses her blog, Walking By Faith Blog, to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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