How to put the bed in other

Put the bed
Put the bed

Put the bed is  all about layering the linens properly, tucking in the corners, and adding soft, comfortable blankets. Arrange a few pillows on top and you’ll put the bed worthy of a 5-star hotel room. Put the bed  isn’t something you should lose sleep over (pun intended!).  Put the bed in order is an act of arranging the bedsheets and other bedding on a bed, to prepare it for use. Put the bed in other is a household chore, but is also performed in establishments including hospitals, hotels, and military or educational residences. 

Method 1 How To Put The Bed In Other
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Putting on the Bed Linens

Put the bed by placing a bed skirt between the box spring and mattress to hide the frame. Put the bed by Centering the bed skirt on the box spring so that the edges of the skirt lay flat. The bed skirt should be long enough to just lightly touch the floor.[1]
Bed skirts come in different lengths. Measure from the floor to the top of the box spring to determine what length you need.

Put the bed by choosing a bed skirt that matches the color of your sheets or complements the color scheme in your bedroom.
For a classic, feminine look, put the bed by using a ruffled or gathered bed skirt. For a sleek, modern feel, opt for a tailored bed skirt.
A bed skirt is also sometimes called a bed ruffle or a valance.
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Put the bed in other by Covering the mattress with a mattress pad if you want to protect it. Most mattress pads are waterproof, so they keep any spills or stains from seeping through onto the mattress itself. Put the bed in other by Pulling the pad tight across the 4 corners of the bed.[2]
Mattress pads are sold according to the size of your bed. If you have a Queen Size bed, you’ll need a queen size mattress pad
Some mattress pads also provide extra cushioning. Look for one that’s labeled as “pillow-top,” “memory foam,” or “extra plush.”
If your mattress pad gets stained, simply peel it off the bed and toss it in the laundry.

Put the bed in other by stretching the fitted sheet over the 4 corners of the mattress. Pull the fitted sheet taut, so it lies smooth against the mattress. Put the bed in other by Making sure  that the elastic edges are tucked all the way under the mattress so that they don’t ride up or come undone.[3]
If you have a tall mattress, like one with a pillow-top, a deep fitted sheet will cover the mattress better.
Most sheet sets come with a fitted sheet. However, you can also use a flat sheet. Simply tuck it tightly around the mattress.

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Center the flat sheet on the bed, lining up the top edge with the mattress in other to put the bed. There should be an equal amount of sheets hanging off each side of the bed. If one side is longer, gently pull the sheet on the shorter side to even them out. Check that the top edge of the sheet is still aligned with the top edge of the mattress after you make any adjustments.[5]
If the sheet is crumpled or has creases from being folded, iron the sheet before setting it on the bed.
Put the bed by Putting sheets that have a pattern on the bed with the pattern facing down. That way, when you fold it back over the blanket, the pattern will be showing.[6]

Put the bed
Put the bed

Put the bed in other by Placing the blanket so that the bottom and sides are aligned with the sheet. Ideally, the blanket will cover the entire sheet. However, the most important sections to line up are the bottom and sides, so it’s okay if there’s a gap at the head of the bed.[7]
You need enough overhang to be able to tuck the blanket securely under the mattress.


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Put the bed in other by make hospital corners with the blanket and the sheet on all 4 corners. Taut corners are the key to put the bed in other.  Pull the sheet on 1 of the corners up, and tuck the hanging triangle-shaped piece under the mattress. Then fold the loose top section that you’re holding at a 45-degree angle and tuck it tightly under, too.[8]
Repeat the same folds in all of the corners.
If it’s too bulky to try to tuck the sheet and the blanket together, fold each layer separately.
If one of the long sides of your bed is pressed up against the wall, move it when you’re making your bed so you can properly tuck your sheets.[9]

Put the bed in other by Folding the sheet and blanket down about 18 in (46 cm) at the top of the bed.[10] This provides space for the pillows to sit. Hold the 2 layers together as you pull them back to lie flat.[11]
If you have smaller pillows, you may only need to fold the sheet and blanket down 12 inches (30 cm).
Do this before placing the pillows on the bed.

Method 2 of how to put the bed in other
Method 2 of 2:
Put the bed in other by adding Decorative Accents

Put the bed in other by Placing a bedspread on top of the blanket for a luxurious feel. Adding a downy duvet, plush comforter, or soft quilt makes your bed look more polished. A nice top layer not only brings the whole bed together, but it’s also practical, as it adds warmth.[12]
A duvet cover is a cheaper way to upgrade an old comforter instead of buying a new one. Simply stuff the comforter inside the cover.

Opt for all-white bedding and pillows if you like the upscale hotel look. Most hotels use crisp, whites on the bed for a clean, minimalist effect. Incorporate different textures and embroidery to prevent your bed from looking too boring or sterile. Amidst bright pillows and a thick comforter, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud![13]
White is harder to keep clean so it’s not practical if you have pets or young kids.
You can also keep the linens and bedspread white, and then add pops of color with the pillows or a throw blanket.

Put the bed in other by Setting multiple pillows on the bed if you want it to look more inviting. Start with the pillows you sleep on. There should be 2 per side, for a total of 4, if your bed is larger than a twin. Then add pretty throw pillows in front of the sleeping pillows.[14]
A twin bed only needs 2 sleeping pillows.
Cover your sleeping pillows with a decorative sham that matches the bedspread for an elegant vibe.
Choose throw pillows in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures for a playful, bohemian effect.

Put the bed in other by Laying a throw blanket across the foot of the bed to add visual interest. Fold the blanket lengthwise so it’s about 18 to 24 inches (46 to 61 cm) wide and drape it over the bed. Or roll it up into a tidy bundle and set it at the base.[15]
For a subtle touch, pick a throw that’s a similar hue to the bedspread. For example, you might lay a pale gray blanket on top of a slightly deeper gray comforter.
Look for a blanket in a bold accent color or funky texture if you want it to stand out or create a contemporary feel.