How to Make a Woman Feel Sexy

How to Make a Woman Feel Sexy

Making a woman feel sexy doesn’t have to be a complicated mystery. Whether you are just starting out in your relationship or have been together for years, there are ways to make her feel sexy, desired, and attractive. Through a little communication, physical intimacy, and effort, you can make a woman feel confident and sexy.

Method 1
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Using Physical Intimacy

Wrap your arms around her from behind and kiss her neck. If she is cooking, working on something, or just making her coffee in the morning, come up behind her and hold her. Wrap your arms around her and pull her back against you. Kiss her neck gently, smell her hair, and tell her how beautiful she is.[1]
This is a sweet, affectionate way of showing her you want her. The physical aspect of the exchange will stimulate her body, while the kind words and compliments will make her feel wanted and sexy and cared for.

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Touch her in subtle ways every chance you get. Whether it’s holding hands while you walk down the street, or putting your arms around her in bed at night, try to touch her as often as you can. It doesn’t have to be gratuitous in public — just a subtle hand on the small of her back, or running your fingers down her arm gently as you stand in line for coffee.[2]
Touching her often will serve as a constant reminder to her that you want to touch her and be close to her, which will help her feel sexy and wanted.
You can get more playful with this if you and her both feel comfortable with it. For example, you might give her a pat on the butt as you walk past her in the house, or put your hand in her back pocket.

Kiss her slowly. Instead of only quick pecks on the lips or cheek, take a moment to really kiss her. Kiss her gently and slowly, and spend at least 15 seconds doing so. Both of you will be able to really relax into the intimacy of kissing one another, and you’ll be showing her how much you really enjoy being intimate like that with her by not rushing it.[3]
When you kiss her, put your hand on her cheek or the back of her neck, or even into her hair. Get into the moment and lose yourself in it. Use the kissing as a way to show her in a nonverbal way just how much you want her.

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Take your time with intimate moments. Don’t rush things like foreplay if you want to make a woman feel sexy. Really take your time making her feel sexy and wanted and building up during intimacy. Rushing right into sex can get boring after a while, and she might feel like sex has become something she gives rather than receives. Take your time and show her that she can still enjoy it and receive good feelings, too.[4]
When being intimate, be sure to let her know that you’re enjoying yourself. Be upfront about how she makes you feel, and you’ll give her confidence a boost and make her feel sexy in the process.

Make her feel comfortable without clothing. Many women have issues with self esteem, especially when it comes to being nude. She might feel less sexy when she’s naked around you, which can make sexual intimacy a little trickier. To make her feel more at ease in the nude, you have to be comfortable in the buff, too! If you’re also undressed and comfortable, she might feel more comfortable with it as well.[5]
Try leaving your clothes off a while longer than you usually might after you get out of the shower, or be the first one to undress when initiating physical intimacy.
Try keeping the lights dim or low when initiating sexual intimacy. She might feel more at ease to be undressed if there are less lights shining on her.

Try turning on some sexy music. Slow, sensual music is a great way to set a mood. Music will help her think more about how she’s feeling in the moment, rather than focusing entirely on how she looks or what you’re thinking of her. To turn things up a notch, you might coyly ask her what music puts her in the mood, and then turn those songs on for her.[6]
Try saying something like, “So, what are your favorite songs to make love to?” Then, turn on one of the songs she names.

Ask her how you can do better. If you’re still stumped on how to make her feel good or sexy, simply asking her how you can do a better job can help. Having an open and honest conversation about how you can improve your sexual relationship by helping her enjoy it more and feel good about herself will show her you care enough to ask and put in the effort.[7]
Women are more likely to desire sex if they feel safe and comfortable. If you aren’t doing a good job meeting these needs, she may be able to tell you and help you work to correct it.[8]

Method 2
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Using Compliments and Communication

Compliment her when she’s not expecting it. Point out a specific feature you find particularly sexy about her. Not only will you brighten her day a little, you will also show her you find her attractive no matter what she’s feeling about herself.[9]
Letting her know she’s beautiful even when she isn’t expecting to hear it will boost her self confidence and make her feel more attractive. Self confidence will help her feel sexy and desirable.

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Be a good listener. Showing that you are interested in more than just looks by listening to her. Actively listening to what she thinks and feels shows her that you love her mind, too, and that you want to truly get to know her. Demonstrating that you know she’s more than just a pretty face can make a woman truly feel sexy.
To be a good listener, don’t interrupt, put away your phone or turn off the TV, and give her your full attention. Make eye contact and nod to show that you are engaged.
Don’t spend the time that she’s talking thinking about what you are going to say — this means you are not truly giving her your full attention. Ask follow-up questions like “That’s interesting; why do you think that?” or, “Wow, I had no idea. Can you tell me more about that?”

Send her flirty texts throughout the day. One of the best ways to make a woman feel sexy is to show her you’re thinking about her. By sending her sweet little texts throughout the day, she will know she’s always on your mind. Flirt with her via text, tell her she’s beautiful, or tell her you can’t wait to see her later.[10]
If you are at work and can’t use your phone, you could send her emails, or even leave sticky notes around the house for her to find in the morning or when she gets home.
Your texts or notes might say things like “You looked so beautiful last night,” or, “I can’t wait to see you again after work,” or, “I can’t stop thinking about you.”

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Let her know you want her. Feeling desired and wanted will help a woman feel sexy. Tell her that you want her. Tell her you find her irresistible. Show her you want her by staring right into her eyes when you tell her these things. Be genuine, and she will notice.[11]
Telling her you want her out loud will probably have a more profound effect than if you send it over a text. Make eye contact, take her hand, or run your fingers through her hair while you tell her you want her to make the moment even sexier. Say the actual words: “I want you so badly.”

Method 3
Method 3 of 3:
Maintaining the Spark

Bring her small, thoughtful gifts. Show up at her work with her favorite coffee drink. Have a new set of sexy lingerie waiting for her on the bed when she gets home. Send a bouquet of flowers to her. No matter how small the gift is, it will remind her that she is appreciated and that you are thinking of her, and that you care enough to go out of your way to do something thoughtful for her.[12]
Studies have shown that lingerie is one of the top things that make women feel sexy. Simply buying her a sexy bra or pair of panties is a sexy gesture in itself. You’ll be showing her that you want to see her in them, which will make her feel sexy and wanted.

Avoid getting “too comfortable” in your relationship. The “honeymoon phase” of any relationship doesn’t always have to come to an end. Rather than allowing your relationship to fall into a routine or a rut, make sure you don’t lose sight of what made you fall for her in the first place. Remind her consistently that you want her and desire her, no matter how long you’ve been in a relationship.[13]

Try not to ask outright for sex or intimacy. If you want a woman to feel sexy, build up to it with flirting and touching. Even if you’ve been with her for a long time and feel comfortable just telling her you want sex, she probably won’t feel too sexy just being asked outright.[14]
If you get too comfortable and take this comfortability for granted, she might begin to feel less valued and appreciated, even if that’s not your intention.

Try new things in your relationship. Go on dates in new places. If you always go to a certain place for date night, switch it up and go somewhere else. Ask her to get dressed up and take her someplace fancy, or out dancing. Pack a picnic for the park, or even just for the backyard. Take a weekend trip away together. By keeping things interesting and new, you’ll be less likely to lose the spark you had at the start of your relationship.[15]

Work on yourself. Women are more likely to be turned on by people who take care of themselves, and carry themselves with confidence. Simple things like bad breath or body odor can be huge turn-offs for women, which might make them feel less interested in sex, or feel less sexy themselves. By taking care of your own personal hygiene and putting a good image forward, you’re more likely to keep her attracted and drawn to you.[16]
For you to make a woman feel sexy, she has to feel like she wants you, to some degree.