How to Celebrate Labor Day In Usa


Celebrate labor day in usa

Celebration of labor  Day in usa is  meant to honor workers. In the late 1800s, labor activists fought to designate a special day meant to celebrate the achievements and sacrifices of laborers across all industries. Now a national holiday, many get the day off to revel in their achievements and rest. Even if you don’t have the day off, there are a ton of ways to celebrate the holiday. If you’re not sure what to do, this article has plenty of ideas to help you plan how to celebrate labor day in usa.

1 Attend a Labor Day parade or a music festival.

Many towns still have union-organized parades or festivals for Labor Day. They’re great opportunities to enjoy the sunshine and spend your day surrounded by others that are celebrating. Find out what’s going on in your area by reading the event listings in your local newspaper, searching online, or asking neighbors or coworkers. If you’re less interested in a parade, check out local music festivals or concerts happening during Labor Day weekend.[2]
Sometimes there can be some extra traffic on Labor Day weekend. Plan your driving time accordingly so you can avoid missing any cool parade floats or musical acts.

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2 Host a Labor Day party.

Invite friends and family to celebrate the holiday with you. Throw a barbecue and serve food or arrange a potluck and have your guests bring dishes, too. Set up decorations and play music to give the party a more festive atmosphere. You can even set up games to play outside, like cornhole, croquet, or badminton.[3]
Hang red, white, and blue streamers, flags, or paper lanterns. Choose some patriotic paper napkins and plates. You can find an abundance of patriotic decorations at any store that sells party supplies around Labor Day.
To throw a successful potluck, make a signup sheet and share it with your guests so that you can keep track of what everyone is bringing. That way you don’t end up with 3 potato salads and no entree!
Arrange a covered space if you’re having a barbeque. Purchase or borrow an open tent where you can put food and chairs underneath just in case guests need protection from the sun or the rain.
If you don’t have a backyard or an outdoor space at your home, try inviting friends and family to meet you at a public park.

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3 Go to someone else’s picnic or party.

Take up an extended offer from a friend, relative, or neighbor. This is a great option if throwing a party isn’t your style. RSVP ahead of time to make sure that the host knows you’re attending. Offer to bring a dish, beer, or ice to help celebrate.[4]

4 Enjoy a football game.

Labor Day often marks the start of football season. This makes it the perfect time to check out a high school, college, or pro football game. To find a game in your area, search online or read the event listings section in your local newspaper. If you’d rather stay home or can’t find a game in your area, invite some friends over and watch a football game at home.
Search online or read through your TV guide to find when each game starts on television.
Set out party snacks and beverages to make watching the game at home more exciting.

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5 Go swimming for the day.

Labor Day is usually one of the last hot summer days. Take advantage of the sunny weather by swimming at a local pool or visiting a natural swimming hole. Bring sunscreen, pool toys, and goggles to make the day super enjoyable. If you don’t have pool access, try setting up a water slide in your backyard or visiting a fountain at a local park.
You can even try playing in the sprinkler for a fun and easy way to cool off.

6 Take a day trip to a new place.

Getting out of town for the day is a great way to spend your day off. Load up the family in your car and take a trip to a hiking spot you’ve always dreamed of visiting, a local monument, or a national park if there’s one in driving distance. Try to pick something that lets you enjoy nature.[5]
Especially if you work inside and don’t get to spend time outside often, getting out into nature can be an enriching way to spend your day off.

7 Check out Labor Day sales.

Many stores offer special Labor Day deals. In fact, the holiday is one of the biggest sales days of the year. If you’ve been wanting some new furniture, household items, or clothes, take advantage of the bargain prices available at your favorite stores. If you’d rather celebrate from home, check out exclusive sales available online.
Try checking out sales from local or small businesses. That way you can support everyday workers and get great deals at the same time.

8 Drop off treats to a local fire station or hospital.

Show your support to others who have to work on Labor Day. Call the hospital or fire station in advance to see if they accept food deliveries. If they do, make cookies or other baked goods and deliver them.
If you’re not much of a baker or don’t have time to make cookies, buy a dozen cookies from a local bakery.
Throw in a card that says something like, “Thank you for all of the work that you do!”

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9 Set out snacks in the breakroom if you have to work.

Not everyone gets the day off on Labor Day, unfortunately. If you have to work, try bringing a festive atmosphere to the workplace. Bring red, white, and blue cookies or a dozen donuts and arrange them in a communal space like the break room or the back office. Be sure to tell your coworkers that you brought the treats as a thank you for all of the hard work that they do.
Consider bringing a few treat options so that people with dietary restrictions can indulge, too.

10 Express your gratitude to your coworkers.

Let them know all the reasons you enjoy working with them. To plan out your words, list all of the ways that your coworkers have had your back this year. Maybe they’ve given you amazing career advice or perhaps they’ve helped you lighten your heavy workload. Once you think of some ideas, tell your colleagues personally why you’re so lucky to be on a team with them.
If you work in an office, drop by a particularly helpful coworker’s desk and say something like, “Happy Labor Day! I just wanted to say thank you for helping me so much this year. When I started at this job I was so overwhelmed. Your encouragement has meant the world to me.”
Maybe you work remotely. Shoot your colleagues a message on Slack or Zoom. Try, “Happy Labor Day to you all! I’m so lucky to work with such incredibly talented people. Thanks for always being there for the team.”


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11 Take a trip to a history museum.

Learn about the history of Labor Day and union organizing. Museums in your area may have a special exhibit dedicated to Labor Day and worker causes. If museums are closed for the day or you don’t live near one, check out a virtual exhibit.[6]
Museums all over the world offer virtual exhibits on everything from history to art. Search online for virtual exhibits on worker-related causes or the history of Labor Day.

12 Support a work-related cause that you believe in.

Get involved in supporting labor issues. Causes you can get involved in include raising the minimum wage, fighting for equal pay for all, protecting the rights of unions, and instituting national paid family leave. To get involved, contact your state representative and encourage them to put forth legislation that will make these causes a reality.[7]
To find your state representative’s name and contact information, visit You’ll also be able to find their email and contact page.

13 Volunteer at a local organization.

It can feel good to give back to the community on a day off from work. Take some time to think about a cause that interests you and sign up to volunteer at a local organization. If you’re not sure what to do, use a volunteer site like Volunteer Match or to help you find opportunities in your area. Some ideas include:
Serving food at a soup kitchen or a local shelter
Signing up to clean up trash at a local park or beach
Providing assistance at a local veteran’s organization
Helping out at a youth organization