How to be secure in God

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How to be secure in God
How to be secure in God

How to be secure in God is what every believe should know.God’s security is the act of supernatural shielding someone from harm, injury or danger. It is God’s way of defending or shielding man from every form of evil; it is supreme and absolutely dependable. God’s security is your covenant right if you are born again; it is one of the packages of redemption in Christ. To be secured in God from the increasing cruelty and wickedness in this world you must adhere to the following


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How to be secure in God


1.Born again – John 3:3,7. Your greatest asset is your identity in Christ. Salvation reposition you for protection. God’s security is reserved for the Children of God. To be born again is actually a shift in position from the earthly to the heavenly; from danger to safety.


2. Understand your new status in Christ – Psalms 82 verse 5. Your new status as a born again child of God places you under the security covering of God – Col. 3 verse 3

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3. Be conscious of His ever abiding presence – Mathew 28:20. Once you are born again, you have made God your trusted companion. Thus, you have to be conscious of it – Zechariah 2 verse 5 , 8. God reacts when anyone dares is to think of hurting you


4. Be spiritually sensitive: In the context, spiritual sensitivity is the ability to tap into God’s mind through the power of the holy spirit to know when danger is ahead – Isaiah 30 verse 21 .sensitivity can be enhanced through the word of God- Psalms 119 verse 105 .when you are sensitive, you enjoy deliverance -.psalm 23 verse 4


5 .Walk in love – Divine security is guaranteed when you have love and affection for God’s Kingdom. Absolute dependence on God’s ability to secure you causes you to live in the realm of divine security.


6. Trust in God – Psalms 125:1-3. Total confidence in God and his word provokes God’s omnipotence for your security. Trust in the force that commits God to perform; He desires your trust in Him.


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7. Make bold declarations – salvations set the pace for your security while Faith established the place of your covering – Isaiah 44 verse 26 . The tongue is a powerful tool that controls the affairs of life; what you say is what is supplied to your life



8. Refuse to fear – fear is a proof that you lack Faith. It is a tool for satanic intimidation. Anything you are afraid of, you will become a victim of – job 3 vs 25. Faith is the custodian of every man’s destiny. It is a spiritual force that puts you in command. You can redesign your destiny by Faith.


As you follow these instructions God will cause you to be exempted from the evil in the world.