How to be a good steward of God

How to be a good steward of God
How to be a good steward of God

How to be a good steward of God has to do with the necessary steps that will enable you to be a good manager of  God’s possession.

The Bible makes it clear that the standard for good stewardship is that we are to be both faithful and disciplined. Here is my list of best practices for good stewards.


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1. Be good by honoring God with the first fruit of all your income. That means make giving to God’s causes your highest priority. All other financial decisions come second.

2. Be disciplined in your spending decisions. We are to “count the cost” before we start to build. By carefully spending less than you earn, you will create a surplus to be able to achieve your God-given goals and dreams. It takes financial margin to achieve our goals.

3. Be disciplined by consistently saving a portion of all your income. This means you should have an emergency savings account starting with $1,000 and growing that to a minimum of 90 days of your gross annual income.


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4. Be good by acknowledging that God owns everything so that your purpose in life does not focus on accumulation but on becoming more and more generous.

5. Be disciplined to pay off all debt. Start with high interest consumer debt, knock out one at a time, then keep going until you are completely debt free.

6. Be good to set goals for allowing God to spend you however He wants to spend you vs. living to spend money however you want.

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If any of these tips sounds difficult, we want to help you understand the biblical basis for each one. We have materials and books to help you make progress along the way!