Great Sex Secret


Great Sex is sweet. Yes very sex but it’s so deadly that you can’t imagine. You may not believe me but I tell you, when you have sex with someone, you share a bond with that person

Not everyone has a clean spirit, in fact, when you aren’t marry to someone and you have sex with that person you both has exchange spiritual bond

And this bond aren’t pure. Many souls has been tied down spiritually and precious destiny has been exchanged because of UNLAWFUL SEX and of course, people’s dreams has been blinded because of UNLAWFUL SEX

How to make a decision


You may sees it as fun, or enjoyment when you are doing it but I tell you my brother and sister, it has a deadly disease in it

If someone truly love you, he or she won’t ask you for sex knowing fully well you both aren’t legitimate for it. But when he doesn’t, he would keep on demanding for it, and once he or she get it, his or her so call love towards you would start decreasing, you know why? Because he/she doesn’t love you but only LUSTING after you

I know this message might hurt you but I tell you, it’s better I hurt you to correct you than pleasing you to deceive you.

Sex is not meant for single people. Yes, I’m talking about boyfriend and girlfriend. It’s meant for married couples.

Oil Spill Of Divine Favour And Influence


Have you forgotten so soon that sex before marriage is a sin? So never see it as the best option in your relationship, if he/she keeps demanding for it, flee from the person. He/sheHe/she doesn’t love you


Don’t forget, your virginity is your pride which you have to protect.

I pray GOD give you grace to abstain from unlawful sex in JESUS NAME πŸ™πŸΏπŸ˜Š