God’s relationship with Jesus

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God’s relationship with Jesus


God’s relationship with Jesus Christ has always been a topic of wonder, inspiration, and curiosity to all the Christians around the world. It is something we Christians seek to understand and immerse ourselves in, to improve our relationship with God and Jesus Christ, the Son. Today, I wish to explore this profound topic in more depth and reach out to all Christians out there.

God’s Relationship with Jesus

When we read the Bible, we are drawn into an immense, unique, and loving relationship that exists between God and Jesus Christ. The bond is described beautifully in John 14:10, Don’t you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words I say to you I do not speak on my own authority. Rather, it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work.

To understand God’s relationship with Jesus, we need to perceive three major points: Firstly, Jesus is God incarnate; this means that He is God manifested in human form. Secondly, Jesus is referred to as the ‘Son of God’ because He is begotten by God and not created like us human beings. Lastly, Jesus willingly submitted Himself to the will of the Father while He was on Earth, which illustrates the functional hierarchy in the Godhead, not a disparity of nature or essence.

It is apparent in the Holy Bible that God’s love for Jesus is infinitely deep and all-encompassing. They are unified in their purpose, vision, and mission, working together for our salvation. Jesus’ unwavering faith, submission, and devotion towards His heavenly Father embody a relationship grounded in immense respect, profound love, obedience, and unparalleled unity. This profound unity between God and Jesus is what we should strive for in our personal relationship with God.

Message to Christians Today

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, as Christians in the world today, our pursuit of understanding God’s relationship with Jesus serves a dual purpose. First, it enhances our knowledge about our faith, enriching us spiritually. Second, it sets the stage for a model relationship with God and with others in our lives, shaping us into more loving, understanding, and patient individuals.

Understanding God’s relationship with Jesus opens the doors for us to realize that we are called to imitate the same level of unity with God that Jesus had. God does not only want us to believe in Him, but to be in a relationship with Him, just like the extraordinary relationship between Him and Jesus Christ. God’s love is always there, ready to accept and nurture us.

Moreover, by observing God’s relationship with Jesus, we learn what God expects from us. Jesus was humble, obedient, compassionate, patient, and righteous, and these are the same traits that God expects from us. We should be compassionate towards our neighbours, humble in our actions, patient during trying times, obedient to God’s commandments, and aim to be righteous in all our undertakings. This, my dear Christians, is the true way of imitating God’s relationship with Jesus in our daily lives.


To my fellow Christians, understanding God’s relationship with Jesus is a transformative experience that fosters spiritual growth and strength. We are called to embody Christ, to manifest the love that God showed Jesus and emulate that love towards each other and towards God. As we navigate through life, may our journey draw us closer to the love and unity that encapsulates the divine relationship between God and Jesus. Let our love for God inspire us to love others just like Jesus Christ loved us, manifesting the power of God’s love in our everyday lives. Let’s work towards fostering and enriching our bond with God, always remember that we are not alone; God’s hand is always there, just like He was there for Jesus, He will be there for us. We just need to have faith, keep His commandments, and allow His love to flow within us and through us.