God’s priority

Only those who listen to God in times of severe difficulty realize that God has not forgotten them.God is our first priority.

The devil when he oppresses people, through various instruments which include fellow humans, create an emotion of self-pity in them, and make them feel rejected by God.

Most people have wandered from their faith and trust in God, because of severe difficulties. Some have ceased to pray and call upon God to intervene in The affairs.

Some others have abandoned thanking God and the hope of his Deliverance in adverse situations has gone away from their mind. Many are terribly angry with God and also with God’s servants as if they are the curse of their problems.

May God be merciful to all whom the devil, consequent to difficulty and operession had hoodwinko into believing that God is responsible for their sufferings.

But the big question in times of difficulties is; who shall we run to when we turn away from God; our oppressor, the enemy?

Though it seems God was silent and withdrawn from his people, they did not desist from calling upon him. They cried to him day in day out. They set their eyes upon God in dire moments.

They reminded him that they are his and need his intervention, deliverance and restoration. only God can save his people from the hands of the evil one.

The Egyptians set their hope in oppressions,in destruction of human life and having a feeling of total control over the slaves of their country. But God always has a master plan to rescue and save his own.

He is not threatened by the people who make life miserable for us, neither is he overwhelmed by the apparent impossibilities.

God’s plan is never an afterthought, a fire brigade action or something put together as a panic measure. No! we are God’s priority.

He may not always act as quickly as we think or would like him to do. He acts in his own good time and his time is the right time. When he acts, who can resist or we stand him?

Little did the Hebrews know that God was not oblivious of their plight. God knew their future and the wicked heart of pharaoh and the nature of the end he will bring upon the life of the Hebrews, his people.

Just as surely as pharaoh placed slave masters over the Hebrews(Exod.1:11) and also ordered the extermination of their boys at their birth(Exod.1:15-22), so God planned an instrument he would use to deliver his people.

Everything about Moses was surrounded with miracles and divine interventions. He was born to two Levites.

These Levites obeyed God’s injunction .Do not Bond together with unbelievers….(2cor.6.14). They did not marry from the

Godless tribe, but got married as people of the same Faith and hope. god blessed them with a miracle child, a fine child indeed.

Moses was indeed a child that was destined to reveal God’s wonderful deed in a time of hopelessness. God miraculously preserved the life of Moses and made him grow as a prince, in the house of pharaoh.

But he still fully realised that he was a Hebrew and of the Hebrews. Moses grew up and learnt to deliver his people even at a tender age.

He was really concerned about the sufferings of his people. The first time he got an opportunity, he killed an Egyptian labour master who was placed over a Hebrew (exodus 2 :11 to 13).

The news was heard in the court, Pharaoh wanted him dead. God removed him to another land for future training.

God had not yet finished with him. He was gradually unfolding His Divine plan of Deliverance to his people. He was never late.

Moses was indeed a willing to in God’s hands. At the proper time God revealed his mind towards the Hebrews to him. In that spiritual experience of God’s

overwhelming presence via the burning bush episode, he revealed himself to Moses as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. His covenant with the Patriarchs was hereby revealed.

The Hebrews were sons of Abraham and therefore, God’s elect. God saw their misery under their slave drivers and was concerned about their suffering.

He intervened and rescued them from Egypt and there evils; he brought them into canaan, a good and spacious land; a land flowing with milk and honey.

This is figure and type of heaven, where Jesus had has gone to prepare for his people. What a loving God we serve. He provides and thinks for us as we enjoy or while we are suffering.

We can appreciate God the more when we realise that we are a big concern to him. We are always in his agenda.

A big task was set before Moses the task of serving as an instruments in God’s hand to deliver his people. He already had a willing heart. He was so filled with desire to know God more closely that he inquired of God, who is your name?(exodus 3 verse 13)


God then revealed his name.I AM WHO I AM. This is God’s name. He reveals his attributes firstly, God is self existent. He is totally independent of anybody. He is exist on his own.

He neither has a beginning nor an end he was not created, but is the creator of all things. This name revealed God’s immutability.

He does not change like shifting windows. He able to change all things but nothing can ever change him. This revealed God’s omniscience.

He knows things of the past, present and the future. He has perfect knowledge about everything he has made no matter the size and significance. Nothing is lost in his sight.

This name reveal the all sufficiency of God. He needs nothing, he lacks nothing. The whole world is too small to exhaust his supply.

God is the owner of all things, seen and unseen, visible and invisible, considerable and inconsiderable. By this name, God has revealed that he is everywhere. He is omnipresent.

He is not just there above but also here below among his people. Isaiah realised this and said:

“For this is what the high and lofty one says, he who lives forever, whose name is Holy:’ I live in a high and holy place, but also with him who is contrite and lowly in spirit to revive the spirit of the lowly and to revive the heart of the contrite’ (Isaiah 57 verse 15).

God has not just set the world in motion and withdrawn from its affairs as agnostic propound.

He has not also degenerates to becoming everything and everything becoming God as pentheists propound.He is wholly other.’this means that although humans are made in his image yet, God cannot be compared to any human.

But although God is highly exalted beyound human imagination, yet he is kind enough to be ever present at very single affair in this world. He is right where the Israelites are suffering under the heard excruciating labour.

He is right there as they are beaten and oppressed. He is right there as some of them expired under their circumstances. Though they felt forgotten,he is still in control, exercising his absolute authority and splendor.

God is not left out at the suffering of his people. with such a revelation ,Moses moved on at the command, guide and guard of God to deliver his people.

We can at this point learn a few things that will help us in realizing God’s plan of deliverance for his people. Like Moses we must be willing to be used as instruments in God’s hand.

This is not always easy. Sometimes we are confronted and even hated by the people God is using us to deliver.

Sometimes, in their ignorance, the devil instigate them to rise against us. We are tempted to stop, become mediocre and lose our vision.

Moses experienced such difficulty as the people he was leading continually rebelled against him, but realising the vision God has given him he pressed forward.

We must likewise press forward making a sacrifice of suffering, tolerance and sincere love. we must be humble before God to know exactly what his plan is for his people is at every particular point in time.

This is very difficult and needs meditation in God’s presence. We must allow God to teach us how he has ordered his plan..For the Hebrews, God ordered the plan of the deliverance in sequence.

They must leave Egypt and the ultimate is the land of canaan. Anything short of it is mediocre. This realisation made Moses not to give in to the pressure of the Hebrews in times of difficulty in the wilderness when they wanted to return to Egypt.

Humility before God gave Moses to courage to reject any pressure to end the journey in the desert. Even when Moses could not continue the journey into the land of canaan,

the promised Land, because of weakness and death, he passed his vision and mission to another, Joshua, in order to ensure that God’s ultimate plan for his people was actualized.

When we are blurred of God’s vision for our lives, the devil short circuits our understanding of God’s vision and make us to wander, and stop by the way.

We now feel to achieve the best God has for us. We may think we ended at the good, while the best is still ahead; God’s ultimate for us.

We  must come to know and strongly believe in the God we serve. We must exercise faith in God. Faith is not an anti-intellectual exercise or sentimental subjectivism.

It’s rather means having the honesty to face reality, the courage to admit our own limitations, and the good sense to invite God to intervene in our affairs.

Moses affirmed and confirmed his faith in God by requesting to know his name which reveals God’s nature and attributes. Moses observed and admitted his own limitations

and summed up courage to face the reality of the challenges that lay ahead of him. He now acted with a strong conviction of God’s presence and moved on to God’s ultimate.

Make God your first priority…..


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