God’s masterpiece

God’s masterpiece

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I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139 verse 14).  so God created man in his own image (Genesis 1 verse 27).

How many times have you looked at yourself in a mirror today? perhaps you still

remember but can you count the number of times you have viewed yourself in a mirror this week, month or year?

You may not remember all the times and occasions. Why is it that you ever bother to look at yourself in a mirror?

Do you always forget how you look like, such that you need to reassure yourself that you are still the same person?

Beauriful !

Each time You view yourself in the mirror, you either discover one beautiful future in you or you are troubled by a future that seems ugly which you do not like.

some people are happy each time they look at themselves in the mirror, others are worried; maybe because they think they are growing older and less presentable.

Go to the mirror now and have a good look at yourself. Then look at the person closest to you critically. what are the things you find different between you and him or her?

Start from the face; look down till you get to the tolls. Can you spot any differences? perhaps you are already muttering;  “I wish

my eyes were like hers”, “why are my lips dark while hers  are red?”, “I like his lips”, “I like her complexion”, “I like his statue,” “I have a smaller hip; I wish it were bigger”.

Stop envying. Every man and woman has his or her own kind of beauty that suits him or her most. You can never get to people who are exactly alike, even identical twins.

when they are presented together you will spot some differences. When we compare ourselves to others with an objective

spiritual mind instead of wanting to be like the other, we would become content with the way God has made us – we are fearfully, uniquely and wonderfully made.

I have realised this over the years as a priest’s wife, I have been privileged to stand before large congregations. Each time I

spend some minutes to spot the difference in the physique of our congregation, I get startled.

Each face is unique. Sometimes there are people that have of the same family who apparently look alike but a critical view will spot out their differences.

No two persons are exactly the same. we have differences in the nature of the head and hair different complexions, different eye shapes, nose, lips, ears and in fact, everything upon the body.

Who made them? God! This God must be a great designer. We can now sing a song to admire God’s unique designs;

All things bright and beautiful

All creatures great and Small

All things wise and wonderful

The Lord God made them all

He gave  us eyes to see them

And lips that we might tell

How great is God Almighty

who has made all things well.

Hummankind forms the second part of the six days work and it was made the last of all the creatures.

The reason for creating humankind last could be that it might not be suspected that it had been in any way a creator or helper to God in the creation of the universe.

It was both God’s honour and favour to humankind that it was created last. the method of its creation is quite unique and advanced from that of the other creations which are less perfect.

God’s favour on humankind in its creation is expressed in the fact that it was not allowed to settle in the palace intended for it until  it was completely fitted up and furnished for its reception.

As soon as it was made, hummankind had the whole visible creation before it, both to contemplate and to enjoy.

God indeed plan for humankind’s comfort before making it. In the same way God planned for the comfort of each of us, even before our birth.

But man’s inhumanity to man and his disobedience to God’s law do not always allow for the total realisation of this comfort the inhumanity against their fellows which is

perpetrated by human beings demonstrates that humankind has wandered away from God’s desire and his design for human beings.

In spite of the imperfections experienced in the world, those who experience the wonder of God will pursue God’s plans for their lives.

The creation of human beings was a greater signal and immediate act of divine wisdom and power than that of the other creators.

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Thus far, all that were made came only out of command, “let there Be”, “let the Earth bring forth”. Nut now the word of command

is turned into a consultation, “let us make man” there was consultation within the Godhead.

The father, son and holy spirit must not just speak as one having an authority, but he applied himself to this business. Humankind was made a creature different from all that had thus far been made.

It had flesh and spirit. Heaven and earth were put together in it, and it must be allied to both worlds, even while in the body. It was thus made in the image and after the likeness of God.

These words do not mean that God has a body like that of humankind but that humankind has a soul.

The soul of humankind could be considered a noble faculties of understanding, will an active power.

God by His inputted in humankind these qualities to some degree to relate with him,

fellowship with him and worship him. It is this aspect of humankind that makes it different from other created beings.

Humankind Can worship God. God by the nature of humankind’s creation has conferred authority on it.

It was given the privilege of governing the lower creatures.  humans were made to be

God’s representative on earth, yet the government of itself by the freedom of its Will has in it more of God’s image than the government of the creatures.

God’s image is expressed in its purity and righteousness, consisting of knowledge, righteousness and true holiness.

We have a big heritage hear from her first parents, a heritage of holiness and happiness.

“male and female was man-made and blessed with the blessing of fruitfulness and increase”. (Genesis 1 verse 29 ).

We find in chapter 2 of (Genesis verse 19 to 24 )how God made a woman out of Man. This is an act of wisdom of God in  making humanbeings to be like him.

Jumankind is not like other animals that appeared from the Waters of the sea. It has sanctity of life. This reveals much about marital relationship.

For the animals from the ground, it would seem that God made many couples for each of them, but for humankind, God made only one.

This was the case Jesus used when he argued against the divorce (Matthew 19 verse 45).

The nature of our making is very relevant in our world of increased by divorce and sexual perversion. our father, Adam was confined to one wife; and if he put her away, there was no other for him to marry.

This means that the bond of marriage in accordance with God’s divine perfect Will must not be dissolved at pleasure.

God made one male and one female that all humans might know themselves to be made of one God; descendants from one common stock, and might be induced to love one another in God’s love.

We are not like other animals. we are totally different from them. When we pervert ourselves either in fornication or adultery or in having sex relation with any kind of

animal or spirit or relating sexually to the same sex( homosexuality,sodomy and lesbianism), we plunge ourselves into deviation from God’s purpose for us.

We their by act and react in negative to the image of God in which we are created.  sexual sin of any kind is a sin against our body and spirit and it is repugnant to God.

 our bodies are God’s temple, temples of the holy spirit. We were made and brought with a price. We are therefore commanded to honour God with our body (1st Corinthians 6:19-20).

God gave man a great inheritance. He was given the whole eart,h which is the Lord’s (palms 24 :1).

To inhabit, subdue and enjoy (Acts 17 vs 26). Our God has placed us here on probation for a better state. man was given numerous lasting family to enjoy this inheritance.

He endured man with authority over every other created order and made provision for man.

God graciously provided for man, both parents and their children to come, with all the provisions they need.

He gives food to every creature (palms 136 vs 25). Nobody would have been hungry or in poverty on Earth, but for the greed and wickedness of Man.


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