Father’s Sunday Congratulatory Massage To My Husband

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You have been a wonderful and amazing husband. You are a very strong person who is able to handle just  everything. You are a great role model for everyone who looks up to you. You have a truly infectious personality that makes a positive impact on everyone around you. You instantly bring happiness to everyone who spent time around you. I really admire how you handle difficult situations .it is not easy to go through everything that you have been through, and you always seem to handle it . You have a sense of confidence that is very refreshing. I never have to worry about your self-esteem, as you believe in yourself just as much as anyone I have ever seen. I always love how you are willing to help someone out. No matter what problem someone might have, you are always willing to put their needs ahead of you around, which sets a great example.I really respect just how much you stand up for what happens, your never willing to sacrifice your beliefs or something else.

On this father’s day I and our children wish you nothing but everlasting happiness.
God bless you…

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