When a toddler playfully spills the food from his plate, why does a mother explains him not to do so with reasoning?

It is because she is being “mindful” of the fact if her son does not understand the value of food, he would never respect food when he grows up.

When the child understands this, he would be “mindful” of the fact that how lucky he has been to have three times meals in his life while thousands of children go famished daily because many do not get even a morsel a day.

When a student is mindful of the electricity being wasted, he would make sure to switch off the lights and fans before he leaves his room.

When a husband is “mindful” of the fact that the harsh words he is about to use on his wife would hurt her, he avoids it to save a deteriorating relationship and perhaps the marriage itself.

It is only when a boss is “mindful” of the fact that teamwork is absent in his team, he takes steps to teach what team work is and its benefits to his team members.

The leaders of Sri Lanka were not mindful of the fact that they were depleting its precious finances by investing in bad projects on borrowed loans from other

countries without having any proper repayment plan and that resulted in the country going bankrupt today.

If religious passion and hatred is invoked, it would only result in destruction of communities and harmonious co-existence of the society. There won’t be any iota of doubt in anyone’s mind that such acts are very unmindful and cause irreparable loss to peace and collaborative growth of the country.

The expression “Mindfulness” is seen written first in Rig Veda and it is thought to be 7,000 years old. Mindfulness simply means, “Living in the Present.”

When a person is trapped in the losses and pain of past (Past is dead and gone) or worries unnecessary about the ‘future’ (which is yet to be born), he is being “unmindful” and hence cannot see any solution to any problem that is pestering him in the “Present”.

When Lord Buddha saw the expression ”Mindfulness” in Rig Veda some 2,500 years ago, he understood its strength and value and went on to make it the load-bearing pillar of Buddhism.

Keep mindfulness away from your life and see for yourself, how disastrous your life would become!


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