Divine upliftment is when a supernatural reward comes your way.

Divine upliftment is when God takes you from zero to hero.

Divine upliftment is to go beyond those that had earlier gone beyond you.

Divine upliftment is when you have and enjoying divine recognition.

Divine upliftment is when you rise above your equals.

It is when you are taken out of many for honour.
Psalms 75:6-7, Esther 6:10-11.


The entire world is divided into four parts, North, South, East and West. In all segments of this world, there is none of them can offer divine upliftment. Divine upliftment is never of this world, it only comes from God. As good as Western world is, Bible says divine upliftment can not come from there according to our golden text.

But Mordecai enjoyed this divine upliftment from God, and that is telling us of our inheritance in the Lord as a believer. As Mordecai was lifted, so also with every believer that can function as he did. We are not to operate at the valley but to reign and rule in every area of our lives.

No matter who you are, lifting is your portion. Condition to qualify for lifting is never your certificate but God. And once you are a believer, lifting is your portion.

Mordecai was a gate man but he was lifted up to be the vice president of a nation. That also took place in a strange land. He was a Jew but living in Babylon as a slave, but still experienced divine upliftment. Once you are a believer, location is never a barrier to your uplifting. Wherever you find yourself, lifting of God is there with you.

But lifting from God can not just takes place, there are secrets to it. If you want God to lift you there are things to learn from the lifting of Mordecai.

Mordecai was lifted up because he had God. That was the reason he could not bow down to any man. Haman wanted him to bow down for him, and as a Jew, Mordecai was not to bow down for any other thing but God alone. You will need God to experience divine upliftment.

Modecai was lifted just because he choose not to violate the word of God, Exodus 20:4-6. It was the commandment of God not to bow down for any other thing, and Mordecai choose to keep that commandment even at the expense of his life. You have to keep the word and commandment of God if you are to be lifted up.

Modecai was lifted up because he had a good work and testimony, Esther 6:1-2, Psalms 1:1. There is a need for you as a believer to have a work, for God to work out your divine upliftment. Your work will serve as a medium to work out your blessing, without work nothing may works out. The report which was also recorded about Mordecai also work out his upliftment. He had a good testimony before the king and others. When people are giving bad report about you, it may really affect your upliftment.

Mordecai was lifted up because he was faithful to the king his boss. Loyalty pays. He did everything possible to safeguard the life of the king, he could not shut his mouth when he saw evil coming towards his boss. He was never walking in agreement with the wicked, Psalms 1:1. That loyalty came back to lift him beyond measures in a strange land.

Modecai was lifted up because he didn’t take spiritual things with levity, Esther 4:15-17. Mordecai was instructed to embark on spiritual disciplines to backup his cousin Esther and entire Jew. He was very older than Esther and possibly have understanding than she did, but he never looked down on her. He took the instruction very serious and that later saved him and entire Jew from the evil conspiracy of Haman.

Modecai was lifted up because he knew people of the palace, Esther 4:1-2. Divine upliftment at times can not come until after you have an encounter with very important people. There is always an agent of upliftment which heaven had designed to take us to the promise land. Mordecai got the attention of the King just because he had his cousin in the palace, Esther 2:22. It was that information the king was ruminating about, and that prompted the upliftment of Mordecai. Joseph also could not rise to the top until after he met Pharaoh’s cup bearer in the prison. It was the cup bearer that mentioned Joseph to king Pharaoh and that really lifted Joseph to the top, Gen 40:1-14, 41:9-14.

Mordecai was lifted because he was a man of fasting and prayer. Jesus said, there are things that will not be except we are very prayerful with fasting, Matthew 17:21. When Mordecai and entire Jew heard what Haman had planned against them, they did not consult anyone but God first with fasting and prayer, Esther 4:1-3. One man of God said, “nothing lies beyond the reach of prayer, except one that lies outside the will of God”. There is nothing to compare with fasting and prayer, it was the same weapon used by disciples to deliver Peter from the prison of Herod. It was their prayers that set Peter loose, it was prayer that brought down angel from above, and break every unbreakable, Acts 12:5-10. With prayer, there is no mountain you can not reach if you believe.

He remained faithful to God even at the expense of his life. Standing for God is not always easy, persecution set in whenever you want to defend your faith by standing for the Lord. This persecution has made many Christians to be living in compromise continously, but Mordecai could not compromise his faith in a strange land. We have seen many believers turned to another thing when they travelled out of the country, many students turned to be prostitute when they got admission into tertiary institution. But Mordecai compromise not his standing for God, even when it is difficult, Esther 3:4-6.

He had a job, he was a gate man. He was not a believer alone but engaged himself in doing something to take care of himself and his family. He was a man of faith but had work. Faith without works is dead, James 2:14-18.
You need a job to enjoy divine upliftment but your job is never enough. We have many with job but not lifted, just because they are never standing for God in their job, neither faithful to their boss as Mordecai. Your work is a means for God to work out your divine upliftment. God is never in support of being idle. Idleness at times can be a barrier to your upliftment.


It is God alone can work out divine upliftment, Mordecai was never lobbying for it, he was just remained faithful to God and continued in his work.

There is always an agent of divine upliftment. It was the king that God used to lift up Mordecai. You don’t know who God will end up using for your upliftment, if it was a bad report they wrote down for Mordecai, his lifting will be difficult on that fateful day.

Someone must fall for you to rise. Two people can not occupy same position at the same time. It was God that killed our former president for Goodluck Jonathan to reign and rule.

Your post to occupy is not always far away. Some will never rise in life just because they have set their eyes on a particular post, which may prompt them of thinking evil agaist the occupant. Mordecai did not eye the post, neither wish his boss evil, Psalm 24:3-4.

* There is higher place of the Lord, which is created only for people with clean hands and pure heart.

It is only the meek that God lifts up. If you are proud, your lifting will be difficult because Bible in:

Psalms 147:6 says: “The LORD lifteth up the meek: he casteth the wicked down to the ground”.

They that are proud can never experience the lifting of God. It is because it takes a spiritual and mature person not to misbehave at the top. Haman was canal, that was why he fell from Grace. I pray the Lord to help us all in Jesus name. Amen.

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