Conquering by Faith

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Conquering by Faith


I bring a special message of hope, encouragement, and insight to all the Christians in the world today. It revolves around one of the fundamental principles in our spiritual walk, ‘Conquering by Faith’. Often, we talk about faith but understanding its power in our daily struggles and long-term battles, particularly in the face of obstacles, is paramount to our spiritual development.

Faith, in a nutshell, is an absolute trust and belief in God and His Word. It is what makes the invisible God visible in our lives and situation. When I talk about Conquering by Faith, I refer to the utilization of this invisible force within us, to subdue life’s obstacles, bring our desires to fruition and manifest God’s promises in our lives.

Our Conquering Faith

Our conquering faith starts by accepting that with God, all things are possible. No situation or circumstance is too daunting or out of reach for our God. A simple flick through the Bible introduces us to characters such as Abraham, David, Moses, and the Apostle Paul, who understood this concept. Their stories remind us of how we too can harness the power of faith in our lives to become conquerors.

Their journeys are often fraught with challenges, disappointments, setbacks and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. But each story, from David’s triumph over Goliath, Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt to Paul’s radical conversion and impactful ministry, underlines that a firm belief in God is all one needs to conquer.

Conquering Challenges by Faith

Faith becomes the game-changer in the life of every Christian. It empowers us to look beyond our physical abilities or resources, pushing us into the realm of divine possibilities. However, it doesn’t imply a lack of problems or challenges; instead, faith changes our response to these problems.

Rather than wallowing in worry or fear, our faith reassures us that even in the storm, we can experience peace. Even when everything looks hopeless, we can find hope. Even when we are in lack, we can trust in Jehovah Jireh, our provider. It means trusting God’s Word and His promises over our human logic and reasoning. It implies acknowledging God’s authority over every situation.

Take Away Message to all Christians

To every Christian in the world today, I want to remind you of the importance of exercising and Conquering by Faith. Your faith in God can move mountains, heal the sick, open doors, bring forth miracles, and even the most unimaginable victories. It can change the trajectory of your life, the life of your family and generations to come.

This call is a call to Conquer by Faith. To face every fear, confront every challenge, break every limit and exceed every expectation by faith. It’s a call to live the supernatural Christian life Jesus has freely given to us. This kind of life is only attainable through our unflinching belief in God, the omnipotent one who specializes in making the impossible, possible.

In conclusion, I leave you with this scripture in Romans 8:37; Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. With this understanding and by Conquering by Faith, let’s make a mark in our world for the glory of God.

May the Lord strengthen your faith as you press on to conquer and become all that He has destined you to be in Jesus name, Amen!