christian leadership ways

christian leadership ways

Christian Leadership
Christian Leadership


Christian Leadership is an act of influencing/serving others out of Christ’s interests in their lives so they accomplish God’s purposes for and through them,” 

Christian leadership is not rooted in worldly notions of success, such as the love of money or power. Jesus Himself spoke against this when expressing the importance of serving others.

If you ask a Christian what he or she looks for in a leader, you will get varied responses. Examples of Christian leaders are also wide-

ranging and could include everyone from the Pope to your next door neighbor who does not go to church but spends every weekend feeding the homeless.

Be a Christian leader by heeding God’s call to leadership, caring for the people you serve, and setting an example that fellow Christians will want to follow.


Pray for guidance. Christians communicate with God regularly through prayer, meditation, going to church and loving one another.

To be a Christian leader, you will need faith that you are called to lead.
Discuss your calling with friends, family members and mentors in your church. This will help you prepare for leadership and give you the opportunity to gather support.

Think about your skills and talents. There are many ways to lead. You might be called to the clergy or asked to lead as a musician,

counselor, educator or some other role.
Keep an open mind. Christian leaders are not only priests, pastors, ministers or nuns.

Leading a bible study, prayer group or Sunday school class also offers opportunities for leadership.

Ask for help. Christians believe God will not call them to do more than can be handled. Let your community support and assist you.

Lead your Flock

Encourage people who look to you for help and guidance. Restore confidence to people who are suffering, lift up those who are

depressed, and remind people of their value to God and others.
Provide comfort. As a Christian leader, people will look to you for help when people

die, lose their jobs, or get sick. A good leader will do more than read Scripture from the Bible. Listen to people and let them know they are not alone.

Maintain morale. Leadership means helping people through rough periods without losing them. Empathize with those who are hurting,

and remind them of better days to come and blessings that exist in an otherwise miserable situation.

Mediate conflict effectively. You will need to show people how to compromise as a Christian leader.

Conflicts may arise between the people you are leading, and instead of choosing sides, you will need to defuse the crisis.

Build your team. Whether you are leading the choir or managing the youth group, you will have to get everyone on the same page and moving toward the same goals.

Follow through. A leader has to do what she says she is going to do. Build trust by demonstrating that you can be relied upon.

Setting an Example

Model your life after Jesus. Christians believe Jesus lived and died for their sins. Since he was the original Christian leader, you will want to live and preach as Jesus did.

Study your Bible and read what scholars and theologians have written about Jesus. The more you learn, the more you can share with the people you lead.

Serve the people you lead. In the gospel of Mark, Jesus said “the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve.” Christian leaders

will be humble and willing to put the people they lead ahead of themselves.

Live simply and without greed. Christians are taught not to collect material possessions and to give generously to people in need.

A Christian leader in a mansion with expensive cars will probably not be very credible.

Remember you are not required to be perfect. Christians believe no human is

without sin, so a leader who has the same struggles as the people she leads will be respected and trusted.


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