Character traits of a Christian woman


Character traits of a Christian woman
Character traits of a Christian woman

Character traits of a Christian woman has to do with the qualities that can be found in the life of a Christian woman.
Contrary to popular belief, being a Christian woman is less about preaching, wearing descents clothes and more about a woman’s attitude and sense of self.

There are, in fact, lots of character traits of a Christian woman.

If you’re wondering about the character traits of a Christian women and whether you’re one, then see if you embody these traits:

1) Their Etiquette is on Point

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Christian women are known for being well-mannered and pleasant to be around.

They certainly don’t forget your “please” and “thank you’s”…and holding the door open for the person behind them is just second nature!

Having good etiquette isn’t something of the past as some people may think. It also not linked to whether you went to a posh boarding school or a local state-run institution.

Christian women know that valuing and respecting others, having dignity for themselves, and thinking about the way they present to others can take you a long way.

All of these and more are signs of being a Christian woman.

2) Is Kind and Compassionate

We all have negative thoughts and bad days now and then, which makes it easy to lash out, put down, and be mean to people.

Kindness takes a lot of effort, but a Christian woman knows how kindness and Christianity go hand in hand.

She understands when to take the high road and spread positivity to everyone around her – even if some of them don’t deserve it.

Compassion and empathy also come easily to a Christian woman.

Knowing and understanding other people’s suffering is one thing, but taking the action to help them is another.

Even if you’re not exactly equipped to deal with their situation, it still feels good to take the extra effort to help somebody out and be there to simply be a pillar of strength to whoever needs you.

3) Knows How and When to Listen.

Talking over others is a bad habit that most people seem to have, but not christian women.

Christian women tend to be open-minded and have the heart to hear out other people before they get to speak out.

Engaging in real conversations is more than just sitting idle, waiting for them to finish, and then giving your two cents without actually weighing the situation.

When someone opens up to a woman woman about their problems, she’d always make sure to consider all circumstances and understand the conditions better before speaking her mind.

4) Has Dignity and Integrity

True integrity can be difficult to find these days.

Most of the time, people’s actions don’t match what they say – their behavior is often affected by the people around them, as well as what they believe gets them social clout.

But for a Christian woman, living with integrity and dignity is a no-brainer.

She upholds a certain high level of standard for herself and sticks to her beliefs – no matter what people say or think.

With everyone judging everybody else all the time on social media, it’s easy to get carried away and say whatever you think makes other people happy.

But every once in a while, you’ll see a classy, distinguished woman stand by her ideals because she’s not doing it for clout – that’s something entirely beneath her.

Christian women aren’t always the most popular out of the bunch, but their desire for dignity and integrity is exactly what makes them different.

5) A Christian Woman Is Always Willing To Learn
An important part of Christianity is humility.

Being a Christian means being the kind of person who is self-assured but still always happy and willing to accept that they don’t know everything about everything.

There’s nothing more stubborn (and further away from chara) than thinking no one can teach you anything, and people can sense that.

Having the open-mindedness to learn new things is a classic sign of class and intelligence.

6) She Has Standards

Character traits of a Christian woman

How many times have you looked at a relationship and thought, “Wow, she could do so much better.”

A Christian woman knows what she’s worth, and won’t let herself be swayed away by a smooth talker.

This kind of woman will look for a life partner, not one fling after another; someone who deserves to be in her life.

The same goes for her friends.

Christian women don’t keep up with thousands of superficial acquaintances.

They keep a tight inner circle of people they know they trust and give those people the love and time they deserve.

7) Has Goals and Ambitions
While being educated is something that a lot of classy women have in common, it’s more important for them to have goals and ambitions that keep them motivated to do better every day.

A Christian woman is fierce and headstrong when she wants to attain something.

She knows her strengths and doesn’t let weaknesses and excuses get in her way.

A Christian woman is not afraid of seeking help from others who are more experienced.

They thrive on constructive criticism because it shows them different perspectives about the world.

They also understand that it’s important to never expect praise but always aspire to grow as a person and be better than they were yesterday.

Class and elegance take time and effort to perfect. Sophisticated women are always willing to learn – whether it’s through classrooms or outside of it.

They know that continuously investing in their brains and minds will all be worth it.

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8) Is Confident, Not Arrogant
Confidence looks good on anyone – especially on distinguished women who know what they want and how they can get it.

Your confidence shows with the way you eloquently speak, positively maintain eye contact, or attentively listen during conversations.

It also manifests in the way you dress, walk, and carry yourself with a graceful and dignified aura.

But it’s also crucial to remember that there’s a thin line between being confident and arrogant.

A Christian woman knows that confidence comes from understanding your self-worth while arrogance comes from a misplaced sense of superiority over those around you.

9) Empowers Other Women
A Christian woman doesn’t see competition against other women.

They don’t claim to be “not like the other girls” because they find huge value in their femininity – they see it as a strength rather than a weakness.

For me, there’s nothing more admirable and empowering than to see a woman try to help and educate others to the best of their abilities.

I always appreciate christian women who try to be the well-wishers and best advisors to anyone. They know their self-worth so they always welcome others who want to be like them too.

But at the same time, it’s also important for christian women to know their boundaries.

They should understand that womanhood has a unique meaning for each of us, so they don’t always expect or force others to learn something from them.

They know when to ignore rudeness and give way to other women who want to be better.

10) They Take Their Image Seriously
Christian women know exactly what to wear on each occasion – whether it’s a casual brunch with friends or a formal party with colleagues.

They take their image and branding seriously so they never wear tacky and trashy pieces.

They always focus on creating a timeless wardrobe filled with versatile pieces that never go out of style.

Grooming is also something that sophisticated women pay close attention to.

Regardless if you’re rich or poor, anyone can be well-groomed.

You just have to put a little extra effort into keeping your clothes ironed, nails neat and manicured, and healthy hair cut and styled.