Behold I Am With You Always

 We all need some company at different times and for different reasons. To combat loneliness, for instance one might require the presence of another. To raise a normal family, you surely need the partnership of a spouse.

In our travels we speak of co- travelers. In sports we refer to some people as team-mates. When we hear of partners in crime we marvel that even criminals need company !

Again, to worship effectively within our corporate liturgy it is always delightful to do so with others.

Although everyone is important in such gatherings, one might say that the absence of some maybe more noticeable than that of others.

For example, it is easier to notice the absence of the choir in a full church service than the absence of several individuals.

Similarly, all though we all need the company of others, we seem to need some persons more than we all need others .

We have a promise from our Lord Jesus Christ in this week of Christmas, which sets the tone for the adventures of this season. “I am with you always….. Matthew 28 verse 20”.

The privilege of enjoying his presence is better than enjoying the company of the governor, the president or that of any other great dignitaries, because our lord is higher than them all.

He promises to keep us company in the journey of this season and the seasons to come. Let us rejoice over the fact that we are to enjoy this advantage always I(saiah 43 verse 2 )

In the morning, He is with us. At noon, Je is with us. In the night, He is with us. During a perilous seasons, the Good Shepherd does not leave us alone.

In a time of battle, Je is there for us .when the time of Joy arrives ,Jesus remains very much around.

He is with us, “always”. How comforting !indeed ,we are not afraid of the unpredictable events in the womb of this  season for we are not alone.

The owner of time himself who knows tomorrow, is with us. we do not worry about the unknown because the Almighty whose awesome have some presents around us is all – knowing.

we must receive grace this week, not to walk away from him in 2022. Working away from him is like departing from the shelter of a large, strong umbrella (psalm 91 verse 1) to walk in the open rain or hash sun.

 it is like coming out of a secret fortified bunker to expose ourselves to the missiles of the wicked one.

it is also like abandoning the secure comfort of your house at night, to sleep on a desolate and unsafe fly -over bridge.

May you, your family and well-wishers never be found outside the security of Christ’s presence this season. The, let us avoid the things that could jeopardize our fellowship with Christ.

We will do well equally, when we allow the captain of our salvation to determine the pace of our pilgrimage, throughout this season.

Jesus Christ is not a figurehead but a leader, who instructs, rebukes, and affirms us. He is a very thorough Shepherd.

For his presence to be sustained “always” we should be committed to trusting him with all our hearts (proverb 3 verse 5 )even

when we do not understand him ,we should also endeavour to remain in Communion with the body of believers and disciples (Hebrew 10 verse 25).

The first day he spoke about his constant presence with us is centuries ago. He was addressing a group of disciples, not an individual (Matthew 28 16 to 20). There is safety within his sheepfold.

We all need company. What kind of company do you keep? some may boast of having the phone numbers of Kings, billionaires, generals and presidents.

However,these people are not always available to help them. When they are accessible ,they are not able to confront all the challenges of life, facing their dependence.

Thank God, we have the greatest company that anyone could ever have – the presence of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. And He promises to be available “always” there is no problem too hard for him to solve (Mark 9 verse 23 ).

He is our eminent partner; our Captain, our able co – traveler and our superior team-mates. Hallelujah !we belong to the winning team!!!.

Prayer points..

1. Let us thank God for this season.

2. Let us entrust our lives to him for guidance this season .


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