Beautiful outdoors

One day I saw a lady beautifully dressed in a nice jeans trousers and fitted top, tucked in and wearing a very good shoe or ‘slipas’ (I cannot remember vividly her foot wear that day). With her dressing, one would easily think she was either in the university or already graduated. I cannot remember the exact incident that day but I think I wanted to ask her either for a direction or something. As I was approaching her, I was rehearsing my spoken English because I didn’t want to embarrass myself. At least I can mimic a little ” “queenish” or American English. As I got to her I said ‘xcuse me, I wanna ask you ’bout… To my my amazement, she was just looking at me like an “imported lookosade (Lucosade)”. As she opened her mouth, it was raw Ibadan Yoruba that came out.I stood speechless. It was as if I should have one magical power to immediately transform her into whom I expected to approach. She was exactly opposite of what I thought she was.

Beautiful outdoors


I have also seen similar well dressed ladies (in English dresses) that I thought were enlightened, educated and cultured, but they were so local, and could not speak one sentence in English. To worsen the situation, when they opened their mouths it was cursing, raking, railing in raw Ibadan dialect coupled with Yoruba ghetto slangs that came out. You will feel like having one magical powers that would remove all the English dresses on them, put tribal marks on their faces and put one Old generation Yoruba attire on them to make them look as ugly as their behavior and expressions were. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL OUTDOORS


Where am driving to? I was just musing on 1Pet. 3:3-5 and I felt like putting something down. “Do not let your adornment be merely outward-arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel. 4 RATHER let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God. 5 For in this manner, in former times, the holy women who trusted in God also adorned themselves,…”

Beautiful outdoors


Before you take me up, I know the place IS NOT saying women should not fix their hairs, wear jewelries, golden earrings, etc. But what that place is saying has been eroded in our times.
The place is saying Christian (Godly) women should pay more attention on the inward beauty than the outward one. The reverse is the case today. The dressing among many so called Christian ladies (young and old) these days is very worrisome.


Few Encouragements For You To Just Endure Suffering For Christ
Give majority of today’s Christian sisters about N100,000 and tell them to spend it anyhow they like. Before about 1% of that majority think of buying study Bibles, Bible concordance, good Christian literatures, data to download good books and messages from online and other things that would have built them up strong both in godly character and lifestyle the whole N100,000 would have been exhausted on eye lashes, nose lashes, foundation powder, nails prints, Brazilian hair, Jamaican weavon, American necklace, Romanian lipstick, British earrings, Italian shoes, German bra, etc.

Virtuous women are scarce to come by these days and virtue does not fall on people like rain, one must work it out.


This is What Help People To Succeed In Norway

Many Christian women think more about their physical beauty and appearance in the public than they think of the inner beauty which the apostle, Peter said IS PRECIOUS IN GOD’S SIGHT.

Many so called Christian sisters are very very very beautiful outdoors (outwardly) but are damn ugly inside. Their mouths are too sharp, they are stubborn, heady, liars, pretenders etc. They speak ghetto slangs, sing corrupt song, dress and dance to slay and kill etc.

As much as we lack true elders among Christian men, so much we lack genuine elderly Christian women who will show the incoming generation of sisters what is most important and less important.

I know some women are already kicking, protesting in their hearts that there are more worst Christian men than the women I have described. Yes, that’s true, but I think this particular post is for women folks. I hope at the right time, God will inspire me to write on men as well.

Christian women, please pay more attention and spend more on inner beauty. I am not saying you should not dress nice, neither am I saying you should appear/look like a mourner or widow. I personally love and appreciate beautiful things. But the attention given to the outward look is too much. Many Christian sisters these days dress to slay or kill. God is not happy about this. If I may ask some sisters: What are you doing with tens of shoes, bags and dresses you pack up in the house? You cannot even remember when last you wear many of those items. Yet, you keep on buying and buying. You are too fashion conscious. If you spend half of the time you spend on searching for the latest fashions online on your personal Bible study and praying, don’t you think your life would have been more amazing? Think about this.



And to the unmarried brothers, don’t be carried away by outward beauty. Proverbs says, beauty is vain, but a woman that fears the Lord, she shall be praised.

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