Attractive personality traits in a woman

Attractive personality traits in a woman
Attractive personality traits in a woman

Attractive personality traits in a woman comes more from your appearance, and demonstration,it  is a key to making friends and having lasting relationships.  . Men seeking long-term relationships are likely to look for these qualities in a woman. Physically attractive women are believed to have these qualities but it is not always true.

Personality traits describe people’s repetitive or consistent and stable patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behavior. In this article, we will learn about female traits that a man should consider when asking a woman out. This will also teach women how to be aware of their traits to attract potential mates.

15 Attractive Personality Traits in a woman
If you are yet to discover your dream girl, but a busy type, I have saved you the time to help you focus on your daily routine without missing the essential traits you are likely to seek in a woman.


Most attractive personality traits in a man


When it comes to reaching deep into oneself and giving your all to other people, women tend to be number one.Just as a mother relates with her baby and children, almost every woman has the potential to take care of people.Even if she hasn’t a child yet.

Women have the desire to emotionally reach you, and comfort you, put you in the right spirit when you are down.A trait common among women which I guess many guys will wish to see in their girlfriends or a husband will need in his woman is nurturance.A woman’s propensity to heal you emotionally. She doesn’t only provide emotional care but also, physical nourishment.
One of the qualities a man should look out for in a woman when trying to woo her is the willingness to demonstrate domesticity.

And when a sister begins to show you her family life, like, preparing food for you, encouraging you, making sure you have clean cloth all the time, it may be a sign she is interested in you.The caregiving nature of a woman is one of the traits you should watch out for when establishing intimate connection with her.

If you are having a hard time to woo your crush; I put together some seasoned skills which are effective and sure ways to woo a woman and win her love.Causes of Lack of Nurturance in A Woman Chances are, some women may not have this nurturing ability.

This may be as a result of:Lack of parental care during childhood

Abusive parents

Experience from obnoxious peers

Father emotionally, physically or sexually abusing child


Lack of affection in past relationship


Lack of affection from mother


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Women are more sensitive to people’s affliction, emotional distress, and physical needs. Their care and concern for others makes them unique and special.Women are more sensitive to emotional expressions in interpersonal interactions.Paying attention to how a woman is sensitive to others is also important.

Many people rush into relationships which they later found out that, the person they dated is different from the one they are living with.The thing most people failed to notice is how their date relates with others.

Is she treating you special? Of course!

That is what we all want.

Being treated special.
The problem with people circling someone out when it comes to attitude and traits is, when you are no longer as prominent as you used to be, then they take the fence off you and mix you with the rest of the people who were not on this special treatment.
Simply, watch out how your girlfriend relates with others. If she fails to be sensitive to other people, she will definitely stop being sensitive to you along the way.


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The sweet nature of a woman is comforting to men. Men do not need competitors and boastful women around them.Not to say women should be timid in relationship. But been bold is not synonym of boastful.A man may prefer an accomplished woman over a woman without a career, trade or focus but definitely not the one who will keep reminding him of her superiority because of her master’s degree.

According to Julie Ferman of Thoughtcatalog, a professional matchmaker, men prefer making move towards teachers and nurses over trial attorneys and CEOs.

She edged ladies not to quit their job or fib about their degrees or accomplishment, instead, play their femininity.Men actually want a kind, sweet, soft spoken like women. Not aggressive, disrespectful, arrogant woman.A man will chase after a woman who is appreciative, fun, intelligent, caring, and the woman with good record at workplace.

If you are having a crush on a girl who has attitude, it is better you start finding your way out of this “yet to be establish relationship”.



The affectionate, tenderness, kindheartedness and friendliness is what drives men towards women.When a woman shows such character traits towards you, she may be interested and opening her world to you.When a woman is kind, it gives room for people to approach her and find comfort in her. Although, this is a regarded stereotypically feminine, not every woman will have this.

Also, a woman may intentionally shut down her tenderness when she is not interested in you because she doesn’t want to lead you on.


It is believed that women are more cooperative than men. Her ability to adjust to differences to reach common ground. Being accommodative and amenable.
When you are seeking a sister’s hand in marriage, you don’t want to chase after a bossy type of woman. Neither do you want a weak knee.But you want a woman who you both can have a common purpose and build the relationship together.


Women are likely to express themselves, try to make you understand them by explaining their intents.This is a nature of women which men must understand.As a man you may not want too much information, but if a woman fails to express herself around you, it rings a bell she is not into you.

Because women are communicative, when they fail to communicate with you, it may be a sign she is not interested in you.For instance, if you take a girl’s contact and try chatting her and she is reluctant; she may not be interested.Whenever she responds and replies frequently, and even try to ask questions, then chances are, she is into you.


If a woman is shy whenever she sees you, it may be a sign she likes you.Women are reserve, and shows humility.This is innate trait which makes a man want to fall in love at first sight.Demonstrating purity of thoughts and manners. Absence of self-assertion, rather, respectful and lowly temper.

Affection is showing concern, demonstrating care and willingness to express love through various means to protect, approve and make others feel secure.Women score high on this trait.If you are still searching or want to know if your wife or girlfriend still loves you or is still into you, her affection towards you will be good indicator.


Most women are generous. If she doesn’t like you, she may grow cold on you not to lead you on.But if she is caring and sensitive to your afflictions, and things relating to you, them she may have a thing for you.


Is she willing to assist you in all of your endeavors and contribute to your effort in achieving your goals?Then she may likely be into you.


Show commitment towards you. Exclusively dedicated to you and your goals. Zealous in seeing you achieve your dreams.


She is loving and caring. Sensitive to other’s feelings and concern for the wellbeing of others. Soft and welcoming.Easy to approach and speak your mind, no matter her educational or financial status. A strong feeling of concern for your welfare and emotional stability.


Women are not as aggressive as men are. But this should not be taken for weakness. A woman is respectful and thoughtful.When you happen to find a woman who is submissive, it doesn’t make her inactive. It is therefore, important to place high value on her.Be caring and loving, and help her in her tough times.Do not take advantage of a meek woman.


Women are understanding than men. Women try as much as they could to avoid conflicts.This does not mean they should be taken for granted. This nature of women promotes peaceful society and friendly home.After the day’s hard work, men will want to return to a home where there will be less argument and misunderstanding over every little thing.


Putting herself into your shoe and trying her best to help alleviate your pain. Trying to be present in the situation, and not settling until she is sure you are emotionally secure.When I am not feeling well, I find it difficult telling my mother. Because she will not sleep, every second, she comes to your door “eyo, how does it feel now”.This is a nature of women. They enter into your feelings and fight to help you get over your pain and uncomfortable moments.

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Men are not looking for women who will out talk them.After backlashes from work, men don’t want to go home to a judge.Men want a woman who deals with them diligently.