A reason to thank God

A reason to thank God
A reason to thank God

A reason to thank God is an act of expressing gratitude to Almighty God for His grace, goodness, Mercy and love towards us.

At the Diocese of Aba Ngwa North (Anglican Communion) 2022 Church of Nigeria Celebration of Women, a clergy of the diocese in the person of Rev. Alex Arimadu in his sermon stated that early in the Bible, that the women were not recognized. From our text, 1 Chronicles 4:34 – 36. But through the ministration of Jesus, the name ‘women’ was heard. The minister let the women know that we have come to celebrate the grace of God upon our lives.

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According to 1 Samuel 4:1-6, the Bible recorded that there was a battle between the Israelites and the Philistines which made the Israelites to question God . And after that they decided to carry the ark of God , which God through His power refused to let them go with the ark. So as they refused to obey the voice of God and embarked on that battle, the Philistines defeated them . When they came back, Eli the priest asked then about the ark of God and about his children, they answered that the children are dead and that the Philistines has taken the ark of God .

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Immediately Eli fell down and died and his wife delivered a premature baby and at that point the glory of God departed from the Israelites.And they began to suffer and after many years of suffering, during the rain of King David they brought the ark of God and there was a very big celebration in the house of God which the wife refused to join despite all that God has done for her. The question is why did she refuse to celebrate God , why do the women in the church of God refused to celebrate God?
Sometimes when there is a call of donation in the church, many women will refuse to celebrate God with what they have and as well discourage there children and others . As we have come to celebrate God today, are you happy, do you have joy?
Therefore mothers should cultivate the habit of gratitude and appreciation to God always. celebrate God today and always and God Almighty will continue to bless you in abundance.