12 Types Of Christian Students In Florida Nursing Program

12 Types Of Christian Students In Florida Nursing Program

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Florida Nursing Program
Florida Nursing Program

In Florida Nursing Program, you’ll encounter people in every capacity, from classrooms to parties to students in the cafeteria line. Here are 12 types of students you’ll meet  Florida Nursing Program

1. The Activist
This person is the one who’s always standing up for the latest cause. Whether it’s for lowered tuition or better professors, you know this student will probably be involved in politics in the future.

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2. The Slacker
Everyone knows and strongly dislikes this person. They do the bare minimum and make others wonder why they’re in college in the first place.


3. The Devoted Student
This person is solely dedicated to school and nothing else. You see them in the classroom and library, but it’s very rare you see them in a social setting.


4. The Sorority Girl
She’s very involved in her sorority, and you constantly see her wearing her letters and hanging out with her “sisters.” Although they have a stereotype for partying, they do a lot for the community.


5. The Frat Boy
This is usually a similar situation to the sorority girl, but in a masculine form (and more emphasis on partying).


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6. The “I Don’t Need College” Student
This is the person who usually comes from a wealthy background and is in college just because! They do graduate, but don’t feel the pressure of making sure they have a financially stable job after school is over.


7. The One That Shows Up Only On Test Day
You only see this person during midterms and finals, and you wonder where they came from in the first place.


8. The Involved Student
No matter how many organizations there are on campus, this person is involved in every single one.


9. The Athlete
This person is the one everyone knows on campus, because they’re the star. Their schedule goes as follows: workout, school, workout, repeat.


10. The Prophetic Christians
Have you ever gotten an accurate word from someone? These are the “Word of Knowledge Brethren”. They can literally tell you that God said the lecturer will not come to class and you will find out that he wouldn’t. You always wait for them to give you AOC (area of concentration) because they are more accurate than the lecturer who set the questions – I mean, they hear directly from God!


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11.  The Watch and Pray Christians
These ones do not put their eggs in one basket. They love God but want to pass, so they usually sit in the front row. They are also the lecturer’s favourite, as they never miss a chance to ask or answer a question. Sometimes, you find them at the end of the class with the lecturer asking more questions regarding the lecture or just gossiping.

12.  The Introvert Christian
These ones try to avoid any kind of social interaction. They are usually chill and get surprisingly high grades – Silent First Class students. They don’t like attention at all and are unusually humble so the lecturer doesn’t see them when calling names.

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